How to Store Dabs

With the legalization of cannabis, more people are using dabs, but as it moves from the fringe into the mainstream, more people are becoming interested in dabbing for both health and recreational purposes.

We have a blog about the benefits of dabs to explain what dabbing is; as well as how this form of smoking cannabis is different from other methods such as vaping. Dabs are smoked in devices similar to bongs, but dab-rigs are used on waxes and oil, and bongs are used for dry products.

What to Store Your Dabs In

Choosing what to use for storage might be down to whatever is available at the time, or personal preference. Here are some recommendations as to what you should store your dabs in.


This is the traditional storage method for dabs. Parchment is non-stick, so that you won’t lose any product on the wrapping. Wrap it up and fold the paper over several times to keep it as air-tight as possible. Avoid crushing this item or tear the paper, because this will damage the dab. Glass Jars

Glass jars are a safer way to protect your product. Most dispensaries use glass containers with tamper-proof plastic lids. The problem with these is that the dab can sometimes stick to the glass. Also, you can only buy as much as the glass jar will hold, making larger purchases difficult. Silicone Containers

Silicone containers are a good alternative. They are strong enough to protect the dab, and nothing will stick to them, ensuring you don’t waste any product. The downside is, again, that they are generally small. This limits your purchase amount in a similar way to glass containers. Where to Store Your Dabs

Not only do you need to protect your dabs from damage, but you also need to keep them in the best possible condition. The two main enemies of dab storage are heat and light, but they don’t like to be too cold either! It sounds a little tricky, but it’s not.

You will also find a space to keep a small dab tool if you want to. When looking for containers to keep your dabs and tools, you should opt for small wooden chests with dividers so that everything can be organized and stored independently. Ideally, your stash box will be large enough to hold not only your tools and dabs but also fit your dab-rig.

Keep your dabs somewhere cool, dark, and dry. Never keep them in the freezer, it’s too cold. If you choose to keep them in the refrigerator, be careful, it’s not too cold either. Remember, even if the containers are sealed, any airspace will produce condensation in the cold. Moisture will damage your dab just as quickly as too much heat. Conclusion

If you are new to dab purchase and storage, take a little time to find out how best to keep your product in the best possible condition. Follow the basic advice above and keep your dabs protected from damage, heat, and moisture. The internet has some great information about this topic, everything from the benefits of smoking hash oils to where to buy different products or get Dr Dabber Coupon codes for a discount on dry herb vapes and dab pens.

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