Dabs are becoming extremely popular for a variety of reasons: Convenience, ease of use, and extreme potency.

If you’re looking to jump on the dab train you’ll notice that most dab rigs are *insanely* expensive.

A good alternative is to use an e-nail attachment that connects right to any normal box mod. They’re extremely cost effective, and if you already own a box mod then you don’t even have to worry about buying a more expensive complete rig.

Here’s how.

Choose a box mod

Dabs work best when you have a ton of power behind them. Therefore you’ll want to select a box mod that is capable of firing at higher wattage levels and requires at least two 18650 batteries.

The dual battery configuration ensures that you’ll get enough power out of your mod to power your e-nail to it’s full capabilities.

Even if you don’t end up cranking the wattage up to the max on your box mod, it’s still a good idea to have options.

I’d recommend using one of the following mods for dabbing: SMOK AlienKanger KBOX 200, or the Wismec Predator. But it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Choose an e-nail

The next step is choosing the actual e-nail itself.

You want an e-nail that features 510-threading, as that ensures that it’ll connect to your box mod.

There are some e-nail attachments that are designed specifically for pipes, like the White Rhino Torrid. These e-nails won’t attach to your box mod, so make sure that you don’t purchase one of those. I’d recommend either the Studio Rig from Atmos or the Source Nail attachment for best performance with your mod.

Pick which type of nail to use

The type of nail that you use can dramatically impact the performance you get out your e-nail attachment.

Some are only compatible with one type, but many come with three different nails you can choose from.

Quartz – Quartz nails give you a much faster heat-up time for those situations where you need to dab NOW.

Ceramic – Ceramic nails are designed to retain heat, meaning that you’ll get a much longer dabbing session out of each use. This is ideal for group dab sessions where you want to keep the party going as long as possible.

Titanium – Titanium nails are much more durable and long lasting, making them the most pragmatic choice. They give you a good balance between rapid heat up time and session length, making them sort of a “jack of all trades”.

Water filtration?

Most e-nail attachments come with an optional water filtration attachment. This is ideal if you want to make your dabs a little less harsh and more smooth. Whether you choose to use this or not is up to your own personal preference.

Time to dab

Put a small dab directly on the heating element, press the fire button on your mod, and enjoy the most powerful waxy concentrate in existence.

There’s a reason why dabbing is so popular, and now you’re ready to find out for yourself what makes it so awesome.

Read our article on the best dab e-nails to find out which e-nail or e-rig best meets *your* unique needs.