How We Rate CBD Products

Overview and Methodology

We judge CBD products by the following standards:

  1. Potency
  2. Taste
  3. Price
  4. Effects

Read more about how each of these qualities impact the usefulness and performance of the CBD products that you choose to buy and help you to improve your overall health and quality of life.


Potency refers to the actual concentration of the CBD in the product. This is typically measured in milligrams.  The potency of CBD products is what determines how effective it is at potentially alleviating certain ailments.

We grade the potency of CBD using the following criteria:

  • Variety of concentrations available. We rate cannabidiol products higher if the manufacturer offers different concentrations. Every customer has unique needs. Some people need a max strength 4000mg product, while others are good with a low-concentration 100mg product. We like companies that cater to everyone, not just the big spenders.
  • Third-party lab tests. We look to see if the potency of the product has been verified by third-party lab tests. It’s critical that the company doesn’t just rely on us taking their word for it when it comes to the strength of their products. Customers are using these supplements to treat a variety of different ailments and it’s important to them, and to us, that they know exactly what they’re putting in their body. To get a high score in this category a company should have their third-party lab results publicly available in a highly visible section of their website.


Taste is the most subjective criteria that we use to rate CBD. It’s also one of the most important. While it doesn’t directly have any bearing on the effectiveness of the CBD, as human beings we’re less likely to use something that tastes terrible. This is why we’ve placed it second in the list after potency.

We grade the taste of CBD using the following criteria:

  • Quality of flavor. We rate companies higher if it’s clear that they put time and effort into the flavoring of their product. Whether it’s a CBD oil, edible, dab, or any other consumable product; we rate this category higher if the flavor has complexity and an authentic taste. If the flavor is one-note or otherwise poor quality it won’t get a high rating in this section.
  • Variety of flavors. CBD consumers have a variety of different tastes. Every customer is unique. Some people prefer natural fruity flavors, others want a a super-sweet candy flavor. If a company caters their flavor offering to a variety of different consumer taste profiles then they will get a high ranking in this category. If all of the flavors are similar or if there are only one or two offered, then we will rate that product lower.


We get it. CBD is expensive. Unfortunately there isn’t any way around that fact. It costs money to grow and harvest the industrial hemp. The CBD extraction and lab testing process is expensive. While the price may come down once the federal government becomes less hostile towards the industry, for now high prices are here to stay.

But that doesn’t mean you have to get ripped off. We rate product pricing using the following criteria:

  • Variety of pricing. We like companies that offer different products at different price ranges. Whether they offer a low-potency and high-potency version, or a smaller size and a larger size; we rate products higher if they accommodate customers with different budgets.
  • Comparative pricing. We compare the price of the product to similar offerings from other companies. If the product we’re reviewing is a fair price it gets a high rating. If it’s significantly higher than similar products without any differentiating factors to justify the price difference, then it gets a low rating.


CBD has a wide variety of benefits for the human body. Whether you’re looking to alleviate severe pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, or one of the many conditions that CBD can help with; there is a product out there for you.

We grade CBD effects using the following criteria:

  • How effective it is. Does the product actually do what it says it’s going to do? How effective is it at reducing pain and anxiety?
  • How long the effects last. Are the effects long-lasting? Or are they fleeting? To get a high rating, the CBD benefits should last as least as long as similar products on the market.

If you have any questions about our CBD review criteria, don’t hesitate to email us at We’ll be in touch shortly!

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