Our Rating Process: How We Review Products

There are tons of great vaping products out there. Unfortunately, for every groundbreaking new product, there are ten bad ones. As much as we would like things to be different, many manufacturers don’t have your best interest at heart. They are just trying to sell you a poorly made vaporizer or an e-juice that they spent minimal effort mixing. For this reason, we follow a unique proprietary review process to make sure that we are judging products fairly with the consumer (you) in mind.

Standardized rating process

We place each product into one of our standardized categories. We break each category down into five different rating criteria that we use to judge each product across a variety of dimensions. We judge each product in a certain category according to the exact same criteria, making it easy to compare and contrast different brands and find out which is best for your unique needs.

We spend countless hands-on hours with each product we review. We test the products in a variety of different circumstances that are designed to simulate the way that YOU vape on a daily basis. Of course, we aren’t infallible.

We cross-check our reviews with several other reputable sources before we make our final decision. These sources come from places like Consumer Reports, Engadget, Wired, and more. Since it’s possible for both us and the reputable sources to get things wrong, we also verify accuracy by checking thousands of consumer reviews on forums and videos to make sure we get it right.

How we rate each product category

Each category is judged on a separate set of standards. We link to these standards in each individual review or “best of” list so that you know exactly how we’re grading each product. You can view them below:

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