I Drop My Vape Too Often Not to Have a Carry Case

Last night, I was positive I had lost my vape pen at the bar. I already know the pockets of my cut-off denim vest are unreliable, as the pen regularly falls out onto hard surfaces. I wince with anxiety. Every. Single. Time. And when I awoke this morning to find said pockets empty, I was frustrated, but not surprised. Fortunately, it had fallen out in my garage, not at the bar. The frustration was short-lived. Retrieval was a success, but what a headache the temporary loss caused me. There’s got to be a better way to keep this thing on me.

I’ve already written about my lack of technical interest in my current vaping habits. But, this is different. There’s no shortage of stories of people dropping mods from various heights onto various surfaces (or even in water!). And, since the thing is an electronic with a full-fledged battery as one of the main components, with a glass tank, I – like those in the forum thread linked above – am always surprised of its survivability and durability. The pen in question is a Smok Stick X8, so it’s not an expensive custom rig or anything, but still, I would be remiss if I had an unfortunate accident, or permanently lost it, due to my own lack of care. I mean, who could I even blame at that point?

So, I’ve spent the better part of the hours since my most recent incident looking into mod carrying cases. As casual as I am about my vapes and accessories, I find myself at times without juice on hand, or wishing I had an extra tank or battery with me, so I can swap variables (flavor, nicotine, wattage, etc.) as desired. Maybe if I had occasion to pack different accessories, I’d eventually find myself more inclined to get technical about my setup.

But where do I start? The belt-loop carrying cases feel like a 90s cell phone clip that a dad would wear. The larger cases feel like a briefcase I should keep handcuffed to my wrist like a secret agent. Neither is particularly fashionable (though, I did admit in the beginning of this article that I wear a denim cut-off vest). The larger the case, too, the less functional it is for nights out at the bar or at a friend’s house. I had to find an intermediary – something that feels like a protective case, but can easily be concealed.

The FoxVape carrying case is the least dorky method of protecting my mod that I could find.

Then, I found this. So simple. Why hadn’t I yet thought of an electronics carrying case? Something like the FoxVape carrying pouch, with elastic straps for security, mesh pockets, and a protective outer shell would be perfect. Even better, it’d fit in my vest pocket, so I wouldn’t have to hang it from my belt loop and weigh my pants down or risk knocking it into something or sitting on it. Needless to say, I’ve found the answer to my risky, stupid behavior (and bogus overwear decisions…why don’t I just stop wearing the vest?). And the best part? My research effort has whetted my desire to look into even more accessories, more mod varieties, and other ways to facilitate my growing interest. I never knew it would happen like this, but a simple search for a carrying case has made me excited at the prospect of all the other accessories I’ll eventually want to find and own.

The times, they are a-changin’.

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