IJOY Maxo Zenith + RDTA 5s Kit and WonderVape Review

We’re all creatures of habit, right?

We all have a certain way of doing things, a way we are used to and a way we are comfortable with. But sometimes, something come along and makes you change those habits.

My game changer?

The IJOY Maxo Zenith + RDTA 5s Kit.

Now, if you’ve read any of my stories, you’ll notice that I like my tanks. I have a few RDAs and RDTAs, but I’m a tank girl. I’ve never really found anything else that I liked at much as my handy, dandy tank. I was talked into a Limitless RDTA, with the story that you got the best of both worlds. But, all I got was a mess.

Now, let me start from the beginning.

Mod Appearance and Performance

Opening up the box, I was cautiously impressed. I like the look of the sleek, silver kit. The design, made to fit nicely into the grip of your hand, has always been a favorite of mine. It has a pretty good weight without batteries, but since it takes three, I was skeptical that it would be too heavy when fully loaded. But it remained a good, solid weight in the hand.

iJoy MAXO Zenith Box Mod Kit
The iJoy MAXO Zenith fits perfectly in my hand and is very ergonomic.

Two things about this device that are game changers are the fire button and the dial. It has a freaking huge fire button, covering the entire section on top not covered by the atomizer.

And yes, I said on top.

Honestly didn’t think I’d care for the on-top fire button. The first few times I went to fire it (which, of course I wanted to do right away), I kept feeling around where it should be, frustrated that it wasn’t there.

Initial thoughts were – this is stupid, just put it where it goes. Within minutes though – having thrown on my handy tank to give it a go – I was having no problem using an on-top fire button. I was actually digging it, enjoying the huge size and small ridges under my fingers.

I’m loving it. Now, the dial on the other hand, that was harder to get used to.

I grabbed the instructional booklet included and tried to find out something about the dial. Since this device does not have a screen and no other buttons but the fire button, this is the only way to adjust the intensity of the hit. I’m used to running my regular mod and adjusting my wattage, with buttons.

The dial on the front of the Zenith ranges from 2.7 to 6.2 volts. Not used to measuring this way I started low and worked my way up with small turns. Didn’t take long to find my perfect spot.

So, running the Zenith with my tank, I’ve already broken two of my habits within minutes. I’m digging the fire button and the dial.

Now, without a screen, how do you know your batteries are low? The awesome green LED lights let you know all you need.

RDTA Appearance and Performance

Next up I want to throw a build into the shiny new RDTA. Now, I’m no master builder. I use premade coils and am easily frustrated when installing coils.

Normally it’s a battle for me, with significant amounts of cussing and dropping tools.

Not this time. I had the coils in within seconds, just BAM!

I had to stand back and look, make sure I didn’t screw it all up and do it wrong, it was just too easy. I’m wicking and vaping on this bad boy within minutes, with no cussing. Heck ya, I’m liking it.

Now, I’ve always been more of a flavor-chaser than a cloud girl, but this sucker packs both. Pretty nice clouds, and sweet flavor.

The first time I got into my car, I reached for my daily use mod, but stopped myself. Instead of my trusty ole girl, I grabbed the Zenith. I made sure to top off the 2.6 ml tank, which is easy because it’s a top, central fill. Which basically means, no mess. Which is awesomeness.

Let me say that I never take an RDA or RDTA outside of my house. Since I find them very messy, I use them at home. But since I’m digging this design, with has dual adjustable air flows (bottom and side), I figured I’d give it a shot.

The IJOY RDTA 5s did not disappoint.

I was able to tilt and rewet the cotton with ease and for basically the first time with any form of dripper, I wasn’t wiping juice off of it every five seconds. The IJOY RDTA 5s also has a “Ultem wide bore drip tip,” which basically means a nice, fat tip for awesome hits.

Wonder Vape RDA Appearance and Performance

Heaven Gifts also sent me the WonderVape RDA to try. Again, normally I go for my tank. But who can pass up a shiny, new device?

So, I go to pop in a build, using the coils and screw driver that came with it. Not much to it, which says a lot, because I suck at getting coils in. As I said earlier, usually installing coils makes me cuss up a storm. It took some more finagling than the IJOY RDTA 5s, because my clippers didn’t fit well into it to cut the ends off. Other than that there wasn’t much too it.

Both the WonderVape RDA two-post build deck is pretty idiot proof, trust me, I’m usually the idiot when it comes to installing coils. A

Like the IJOY RDTA 5s, I had coils in pretty quickly. And bam, I was wicking and vaping.

Some pretty awesome clouds and pretty decent flavor.

I really enjoyed the ease of both the WonderVape RDA and the IJOY RDTA 5s. Both of these would be pretty good investments for beginning builders.

Bottom Line

I’d definitely recommend this kit.

The 24mm IJOY RDTA 5s comes in seven awesome colors, stainless steel, black, rainbow, gun metal, white, orange and purple.

It sells for $33.99 from Heaven Gifts, which for bang, is worth the buck. The Zenith sells for $42.69 from Heaven Gifts and comes in stainless steel, black, purple, orange and white. The kit sells for around $70, which is good for this pretty awesome 300w mod and an RDTA that I’m majorly digging.

Actually, as an extreme purple lover, I think I’m going to pick up the purple kit and probably rainbow IJOY RDTA 5s for my own personal use.

With a $29.99 price tag from Heaven Gifts, the 24mm WonderVape is worth a try if you enjoy RDAs, or if you are wanting to try one. It comes in four colors, stainless steel, black, gun metal and a pretty awesome looking rainbow.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a new set up, go for this kit.

Or if you are looking for a mod, RDTA or RDA, give a good look at these. They are worth your time.

The best place to buy the Zenith and the WonderVape RDA is from Heaven Gifts.
Make sure that you get the best deal! Check out our HeavenGifts.com discounts and deals page before you order!
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