Illinois Tables Bill That Would Have Banned Flavored E-Juice

The Illinois House just tabled Bill HB3362, which would have made selling flavored e-liquids a Class A misdemeanor. I’m not sure what exactly tabling entails, but it seems like for now it will still be legal to sell flavored e-juice in Illinois, I’m sure thanks to the vapers in that state relentlessly emailing their representatives.

Here’s the official synopsis of the bill:

Creates the Sale of Flavored Electronic Cigarettes and Flavored Cigarette Liquids Prohibition Act. Creates the offense of unlawful sale of flavored electronic cigarettes or flavored cigarette liquids. Provides that a person commits unlawful sale of flavored electronic cigarettes or flavored cigarette liquids when he or she knowingly sells flavored electronic cigarettes or flavored cigarette liquids, or causes, permits, or procures flavored electronic cigarettes or flavored cigarette liquids to be sold from his or her premises or establishment. Provides that a violation is a Class A misdemeanor. Defines “electronic cigarette”, “electronic cigarette liquids”, “flavored electronic cigarette”, and “flavored cigarette liquids“.”

The bill was proposed by Rep. Kathleen Willis, who, judging by her picture, clearly doesn’t seem like the type of person who would hate flavors. (That’s my way of calling her a fat piece of shit.)

Kathleen Willis E Cig
Rep. Kathleen Willis. Maybe she should have sponsored a bill to ban flavored donuts instead.

Of course this bill is completely ridiculous. What about flavored alcohol? If flavored e-juice is considered a public health menace that is enticing kids to start vaping then why isn’t flavored alcohol considered in the same light? Because these douchebags don’t actually care about preventing kids from vaping, they just care about making more money. They already get their cut from liquor sales, now they just have to get their greedy hands in the e-cig market as well. I’d be interested to see how much influence Big Tobacco had in the writing of this bill as well, considering that the vape industry is taking a pretty big chunk of their market share away from them.

I’m sure that if you’re reading this blog you know how fucking stupid this bill is so there’s no need for me to rant about it. But it’s good to finally see some positive legal and political news about vaping for once.

Have YOU emailed your representative yet to protect your rights as a vaper?

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