Innokin Cool Fire IV Box Mod Review

Cool Fire IV box mod review

With the negative news surrounding mech mods these days, more and more people are turning to electronic box mods to fulfill their vaping needs. And if you count yourself among those who aren’t man enough to handle a mechanical (kidding), the latest offering from Innokin is sure to meet your needs.

Right out of the box you can tell that the Cool Fire IV is a high quality device. The sleek square design fits right into the current box mod trend in the world of vaping, so no worries about a grenade shaped mod like the Cool Fire 2.

The Cool Fire IV is definitely amazing for on the go vaping. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, in fact it somehow manages to be smaller than an iStick 50W! I carried this beast in my pocket all day with minimal discomfort. Granted, I’m not the type to rock skinny jeans, but even if I was I can’t imagine having any issues with this tiny little device.

But don’t let the small size fool you, because the Cool Fire IV is packing some serious performance capabilities in this small package. The wattage range is 6W-40W, adjustable in .5 increments. The voltage range is 3V-7V, adjustable in .1 increments. I had no issues using this device with my Sense Herakles sub-ohm tank, in fact this thing providing just as much vapor production as bigger, supposedly more powerful box mods that I have on hand in the office. Needless to say, I was impressed!

The Cool Fire IV features some pretty sweet safety features, including a low voltage warning, short circuit protection, and over discharge protection. No explosions here (hopefully).

Who should buy the Cool Fire IV?

Look, if you’re a hardcore vape nerd who wants only the most powerful, nerd approved device available so you can beat all of the other nerds at the local cloud comp, then I won’t blow smoke up your ass: this isn’t the mod for you.

But if you’re a regular person who just wants something that will work effectively and is small enough to vape on the go, then the Cool Fire IV is perfect for you. The performance in this mod is legendary for it’s size, and the safety features mean that you won’t be the subject of a new VaporVanity blog post about exploding mods.

The Innokin Cool Fire IV is perfect for new mod vapers and experienced vapers who want something for their on the go vaping needs. The best place to buy one with free shipping is at


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