Is CBD Flower Legal? The Truth and The Myth

There’s still quite a bit of confusion surrounding the legal status of cannabidiol (CBD).

To ensure that you do not worry even during your drags, we have decided to get you all the information you need about the legality of CBD flower.

The CBD flower is usually nicely rolled into joints or pre-rolls and sold by different brands.

Although the buds look and smell a lot like those of marijuana flowers, these are, in reality, few hemp buds. Although both marijuana and hemp could be produced from the same strains, they are designed through years of experimentation to produce lower than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

This entire CBD flower-marijuana distinction has added to the confusion. Often questions pop up—Is CBD flower legal? Is marijuana legal? Why is CBD flower legal and marijuana illegal?

First, let’s assure you that CBD flower is legal.

Brands selling CBD flowers are aware of the laws and they’re complying with those. You need not worry about its legality!

The good news is that throughout the United States, CBD flower is legal and you can smoke or vape it in all 50 states. But you should know that while CBD flower is legal, marijuana isn’t. Why so?

Let’s dig deeper…

CBD Flower: All You Need To Know To Consume Them

Let us first clear the air over some of the critical details surrounding CBD flowers.

We get CBD flowers from hemp plants that are specifically bred to be low in THC and rich in CBD. CBD flowers do not make you high.

With low concentrations of THC, it gives just a euphoric lift. CBD flower is a full-spectrum product, which means it has cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids other than CBD and THC. Together, these elements cause “synergistic effects” on the user.

Effects of CBD flower

The negligible amount of Delta-9 THC present in CBD flower cannot make you high. It’s non-psychoactive. So, no worries. You won’t be tripping.

CBD is considered a potential healer for conditions such as depression and anxiety. It’s also considered an antioxidant and anti-psychotic.

A proper dose of CBD balanced with adequate THC can be a real mood lifter. It can provide you with a perfect balance of calm and relaxation without triggering any sensations of paranoia and anxiety, hallucinations, or a clouded mind.

CBD can even become a part of your wellness routine once you have identified quality CBD products. So, look out for different brands that offer you premium-quality CBD. Get one and make life easier!

Is CBD flower safe?

Users smoking CBD hemp flower have tolerated the substance well. It has not yet caused any health risks or side effects to consumers.

However, you may notice a few mild side effects such as dry mouth, nausea, or itchy throat. Under such circumstances, you need to lower your dose.

Most users experience a positive and good feeling after smoking CBD. Your body and mood become amazingly light and a feel-good factor crawls in.

While smoking hemp has proved to be a satisfying way for many users to ingest CBD, do consult your doctor before you start using it. You must consider any long-term medication or health factors before you decide to smoke CBD.

Another thing we want to recommend is that you check the dose of CBD you consume. As you know, an excess of anything is bad. CBD is no exception. It has been found that healthy adults can take up to 1.5 grams (that’s 1500 mg) of CBD regularly without facing any serious side effects.

But taking higher amounts, such as 20 grams, can potentially turn toxic for your health. Though cases of overdose have not been found, it is good to maintain precaution and remain safe!

CBD Flower vs. Marijuana Flower

Natural healing is on the rise and if you aren’t sure about the entire marijuana and CBD story, there’s nothing to worry about.

The cultivation of hemp in America and its consumption have piqued the interest of many who want to know about the details and differences among the hemp elements.

CBD is a substance that is naturally found in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD has potential benefits for depression, insomnia, and anxiety and, hence, is considered for medicinal purposes.

CBD flower, being sold by several brands, is federally legal. That is due to the limited existence of D-9 THC in it. THC is a known psychoactive element.

So, briefly said, the difference lies in the presence of THC. Let’s learn some more.

CBD flower strains are available in sativa and Indica strains. Sativa flowers trigger a mental high. You feel energetic and motivated, and a sudden wave of inspiration runs through you. Amazing, right? Sativa can lift your mood even on a dull day!

The Indica strain, on the other hand, produces a classic body high. It triggers intense physical relaxation, helping you to rest and fall asleep. Both strains work on anxiety and depression.

So, companies mostly use a mix of both CBD rolls and joints to give you an overall enhanced experience.

Besides these strains, CBD flowers contain terpenes and THC (in full-spectrum CBD). The presence of THC is inevitable to give an added euphoric feeling as you take your puffs.

It’s the euphoric lift that smokers look for and THC does trigger that. But it does not make you high. THC is present within the limit of 0.3%, which is the federally accepted limit and just right to give you an amazing experience with the CBD flower.

Coming to marijuana flowers, these are psychoactive and contain high THC content. On average, marijuana or weed flowers contain 20% Delta-9 THC. In some other weed flowers, the concentration is even higher – around 25% to 30%.

These can easily make you high and you may land in either paradise or hell, with a clouded mind and hallucinations.

There’s one more aspect that we would like to throw light on. CBD derived from hemp that is used for medicinal purposes is very much legal. But the CBD derived from weed flower is not.

Though the extracted CBD is the same, the concentration of THC is higher in weed-derived CBD. According to federal law, all derivatives of marijuana are illegal, including the other contents of CBD, besides THC.

Is CBD Flower Legal Nationwide?

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD flower derived from hemp is now legal in all 50 states of the US. The bill states that any cannabinoid derived from hemp is legal if the hemp is cultivated according to the practices complying with the regulations of the bill.

Top brands that sell CBD flowers follow these regulations. Hence, you can easily buy it from reputable brands and smoke it without a sweat.

As complex as the legal status of CBD flower and marijuana seems, it’s not that confusing. It’s merely about the presence of Delta-9 THC. CBD products derived from hemp must contain THC within the federal limit of 0.3%. Beyond that, it becomes illegal since the chances of making you high increases.

Marijuana is any cannabis plant containing higher concentrations of D-9 THC (above 0.3%). So, it’s a Schedule One drug. CBD products and CBD flowers containing more than 0.3% of D-9  THC are illegal, whether they are derived from hemp or marijuana.

So, smokers must check the proportion of THC contained in the CBD flower they are buying. Reputable brands will maintain the limit.

Is CBD Flower Legal, Internationally?

Now that you know enough about the legal status of CBD flowers in the US, you must have questions about its international legal status.

What about the legal status of CBD flowers across other countries? Is it legal?

CBD users from all over the world worry about the same issue. So, let’s get it clarified.

Every country has its own set of regulations for CBD and users must know the legal status of CBD in their country before making a purchase.

It’s also necessary for travelers to know about CBD regulations in other countries to make sure that they don’t land in trouble.

If you take CBD regularly (like daily) and are planning to take a trip to Europe or Asia, you must know that 26 countries demand Schengen certificates from travelers if they wish to travel with CBD.

This regulation comes from the Opium Act Schengen Declaration.

In Asia, there are several countries where it is still illegal to travel with CBD.

So, if you’re traveling, make sure to confirm from a travel agent or a valid source whether CBD is allowed in that country or not.

Carrying it without permission could get you in trouble with the law.

How To Find The Best Strains Of CBD Flower

When you finally decide to make your purchase, look for premium-quality CBD flowers. From farming to processing, a lot of practices extensively contribute to the quality of the product.

So, when you are looking for a brand to buy the best CBD flower, make sure you know the brand’s practices and processes. How is the hemp cultivated? It’s the curing and trimming that decides whether your smoke session will be a “one of a kind” experience.

Proper trimming and manicuring of the buds enhance the taste of the smoke. It makes the smoke smoother, too.

The aroma of the buds is another experience-enhancing element. Will you like it if your CBD roll or joint smells gross? The brands that focus on proper curing and trimming also offer customers a great aroma in their products. Also, it should not stick around once the smoke session is over.

All of these qualities in CBD flowers help make it premium. The aroma, smoothness, and richness of flavors and taste uniquely make your smoke worthy of your time and money.

Final Thoughts

CBD flowers look similar to marijuana. Not only that, it smells like it and the benefits are mostly the same, too. The difference is in the presence of THC. In marijuana, the THC concentration is way higher (more than 0.3%) than in CBD flowers. Hence, marijuana is illegal while the latter is not.

It is THC that causes the high when present in high concentrations. However, you can just go with smoking CBD, which gives a much better experience than marijuana and is not risky for your health.

By smoking CBD flowers, you not only maintain the legalities but also bask in its goodness—the flavor, the refined taste, and the aroma, while enjoying its benefits.

All you need to do is choose a brand that will offer you premium CBD flowers. Even organic brands exist in the cannabis industry.

Choose the best and go ahead with that coveted smoke session! Drown in the pleasures of the rich flavors and experience the all-encompassing calm that CBD brings with it.

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