Just CBD Vape Juice and Signature CBD Cartridges Review: This Stuff Works

I have very particular CBD habits. As a microdoser, typically, I don’t often experiment with full strength CBD products undiluted. I was excited to use the Just CBD juice and cartridges I recently received. Just CBD was established in 2017 and is a manufacturer and online retailer of their own branded products. All their products are third party tested for purity and potency, according to their website. I received a bottle of vape juice and three of their ‘signature’ line of pen cartridges.

just cbd
Just CBD has a line of great vape juices and cartridges.

Pineapple Express Vape Juice

Just CBD’s Pineapple Express 1000mg Vape Juice is a potent tool for relaxation. Its ingredients are typical for vape juice: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Natural Flavoring are all present in Pineapple Express. The large bottle was plain, but not unappealing, covered in a simple paper label, offering only the necessary information about the product. I didn’t mind that. I unscrewed the cap against the safety plastic and broke it free to expose a narrow dropper top. The dropper top fit easily inside the tank and caused zero mess to fill.

Directions on the package read “ Place 1-3 drops under tongue for 10 seconds before swallowing. Or, as an e-liquid, enjoy 1-2 inhalations…repeat 1-4 times as desired.” Since I was given the 1000mg strength, I wanted to start small and build up as needed. I have no experience with CBD tinctures, so I decided to try the oil under my tongue, and waited the requisite ten seconds before swallowing.

I immediately, and unfortunately got a strong, pungent chemical taste with an afterthought of pineapple. The flavor wasn’t off-putting, but it did taste more like the ingredient ‘natural flavors’ than it did actual, natural flavors. After about 20 minutes or so, I felt a little more relaxed and easy, but it didn’t feel as potent as I’m used to from vaping CBD. Maybe the flavor threw me off, but I had to put it in a tank and vape it to get a better idea of its effectiveness.

Vaping Just CBD’s Pineapple Express is a completely different experience from ingesting it. I used a brand new coil – even a brand new tank – and christened my shiny Smok Baby Beast with a couple hits of the juice. Pineapple filled my mouth, and then the room when I blew a lovely, full white cloud. This felt like the better, more intended way to use the Pineapple Express juice.

I took in a few breaths, three or four total, and gave myself some minutes to feel the vape juice effects. I had a distinctly different reaction from my usual mixture of CBD/Nicotine juices. The pineapple taste was pleasant and sweet, but the feeling I got was much sweeter. I felt settled and comfortable after about 20-25 minutes in all.

The 1000mg strength bottles retail for $70.00 on Just CBD’s site. If you want to step your dosage down a bit, the manufacturer offers 100, 250, and 500 mg strengths as well, and the prices tier down to $20 for the 100mg. Just CBD also offers watermelon, blueberry, and girl scout cookie flavors in all strengths.

Just CBD Pineapple Express e-liquid
Just CBD Pineapple Express vape juice

Signature CBD Cartridges

The Signature Series CBD Oil cartridges in and out of the packaging look amazing, to start. Just CBD’s packaging is simple, yet elegant. Labels have a DIY, straightforward look without too much flash (and adhere to all FDA product label requirements). Their DIY aesthetic pulls off a great apothecary style, too, though. Cartridges sit in small plastic vials with cork tops, wrapped up in the tidy labels. The whole look is adorable and welcoming.

I opened the cartridge vial with a light pop of the cork, and breathed in the scent of hemp. Another advantage to keeping these items in small, corked vials is how well that protects the odor from escaping. After I popped one of these open, I was immediately welcomed by a striking, but not overwhelming smell that put a smile on my face. Admittedly, though, I love to the smell of hemp.

I use CBD semi-regularly, but I often microdose it by mixing it into my nicotine e-juices. I had reason to break out my gas station vape pen again with these cartridges. I took in the full CBD, and after a couple puffs and a few minutes’ time, I felt great. My body relaxed completely, and I was totally comfortable. At a 200mg strength, a few dense puffs on these cartridges are all it takes to feel comfortable, whichever strain. Admittedly, I felt not significant difference between the ‘indica,’ ‘sativa,’ or ‘hybrid’ cartridges. The novelty of its natural look and feel stayed in the cartridge’s aesthetics.

Each CBD cartridge listed a particular flavor, but I think their specific tastes were negligibly different. The Pineapple Express cartridge wasn’t nearly the strong pineapple (nor strong chemical) taste of the vape juice. The other two flavors I had were ‘Sour Diesel’ and ‘Northern Lights’ I couldn’t discern a flavor profile from either one, and Just CBD’s website provides no descriptions on their product pages at the time of this writing. Regardless of whether I could parse out a flavor, one thing I can say about Just CBD’s blends: They absolutely work.

The wood tips are a great touch, though, and honestly add value to the product’s apothecary feel. It’s not advised to bite down on vape mouthpieces, but if you have a habit of it, or you’re the type who habitually clamps on mouthpieces with your teeth, at least Just CBD’s cartridges offer a soft piece to chomp on. The mouthpieces also offer a sensation that enhances the woodsy, natural sensation of vaping this CBD.

They retail for $34.00 through the manufacturer’s site. Between the potency and the packaging, this little CBD cartridge exceeded my expectations.

Just CBD Signature Vape Cartridge
Just CBD Signature Vape Cartridge


I wasn’t interested in swallowing the vape juice, even though the directions on the bottle explicitly stated I could. Maybe it was the flavor concentrate, or some combination of the VG/PG mixture that didn’t taste right. Getting that vape juice into a tank and inhaling it – a far more familiar and common practice given the listed ingredients – immediately remedied my concern.

Just CBD’s cartridges with a vape pen were simple yet effective. Even though I couldn’t tell one flavor or strain from the others, the effect was potent enough to outweigh anything I may have missed in the first place.

For simple but potent recipes, the best place to pick up and of Just CBD’s products is directly from the Just CBD site. Relax and enjoy.

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