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Juul E-Cigarette


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Everything you get in the box with the Juul e-cig.

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While advanced vape nerds may turn up their noses whenever they see someone puffing away on a cig-a-like, it’s undeniable that these devices serve an important purpose in helping people to transition away from smoking cigarettes. Cig-a-likes are a huge business for Big Tobacco, and it’s clear that they bring in massive profits. But they have a major problem. To put it bluntly, most of them fucking suck.

Enter the Juul. The Juul is a cig-a-like that has been created by Pax Labs, the company that is most famous for producing state-of-the-art loose leaf vaporizers. Right out of the box you can tell that Pax Labs brought the same expertise and attention to detail that they honed with their loose leaf vapes to the cig-a-like market. While it is an amazing vape, is it really the “first great e-cig” as Wired claimed in a recent article? Let’s find out.


The stunning design of the Juul is clearly one of it’s major strengths. The straight lines and futuristic flat appearance make this thing look more like a thumb drive than an e-cig. The construction on the e-cig itself feels incredibly solid, and the small size and flat design make it perfect for sliding into your pocket for vaping on the go.

While most cig-a-likes have gone with the small, round shape as a way to help lure former smokers away with something that is as similar as possible, Pax Labs has taken a bold approach with the flat design. While it may not resemble a traditional cigarette, it’s small and light enough to feel very familiar to a cigarette. If you’re just quitting cigarettes, you’ll feel at ease with the similar-but-different design of this device.

The flavor pods that double as mouthpieces have a similar flat design that fits in perfectly with the futuristic aesthetic that is present in the body of the device.

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Bottom line: In an industry that is well known for creating cringe-worthy products, the Juul is a beautiful, modern looking device that you won’t be embarrassed to puff on in public.

Ease of Use

One of the major flaws with most vaping products is that they have a steep learning curve which tends to scare off newbies. The Juul is not one of those vapes.

Without reading any online tutorials or instructions of any kind, I was able to open up the box, load a flavor cartridge, and start puffing away in 30 seconds flat. The Juul is as intuitive as it gets.

Once you slide open the package, you’ll remove the rechargeable e-cig (it comes fully charged), take out the piece of cardboard from the mouthpiece portion, slide in one of the four JUULpod flavor cartridges that doubles as a mouthpiece, and draw on the mouthpiece. That’s it. It’s literally that simple. No buttons or complicated batteries and 510 threading.

The ease of use is designed to appeal to brand-new vapers who are looking to kick the habit, and the Juul definitely delivers on that front. No technical knowledge required.

The Juul is a compact, high-tech e-cig.


Right before I started vaping on the Juul I was mentally preparing myself for disappointment. After all, I have extensive experience vaping with all kinds of advanced mechanical and electronic mods, as well as having experience with the latest sub-ohm tanks. I assumed that there was no way that I would be impressed by a simple cig-a-like. But I was wrong.

The Juul delivers an astounding amount of vapor for it’s size. While not comparable to an advanced cloud-chasing setup, it’s not designed to be. The Juul is designed to not only replicate but to evolve upon the standard traditional cigarette, so that former smokers won’t feel like they downgraded their nicotine delivery experience in the name of health. In any way imaginable, the Juul is a dramatic improvement compared to both smoking and other cig-a-likes.

Like other similar devices, the Juul is activated when you draw on the mouthpiece, not by pressing a button like more advanced vapes. When you draw on the device a light blueish/white indicator lights up, letting you know that the device is active. When you set it down the light goes off.

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To check the battery life, simply tap the Juul twice. If the light green, battery life is high. Yellow means battery life is at medium, and red means it’s low and it might be time to start charging. Just like everything else about the Juul, charging it is extremely intuitive. The device magnetically connects to the included USB charger, which can be plugged into any USB port. Charging time is approximately one hour.

Each JUULpod flavor cartridge contains 0.8mL of juice with 5% nicotine by weight. Pax Labs claims that this is about the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes, which seems accurate according to my completely unscientific testing methods. They come in four different oddly spelled flavors: Miint (Mint), Fruut (Fruit), Bruule (Creme Brulee), and Tabaac (Tobacco).

Bottom line: is the Juul worth it?

If you’re a current or former smoker who is looking for something that give you a similar experience to smoking a cigarette, the Juul is for you. You’ll find that the experience is oddly familiar but different. In many ways, the Juul is an evolution on the concept of smoking, it’ll make you look back and wonder why you ever wasted your time and money with cigarettes in the first place.

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J.R. Reynoldson

VaporVanity co-founder J.R. Reynoldson spends 364 days per year wishing that it was 4/20. He is easily offended by your comments.