Juul launches C1: Bluetooth E-cigarette

Juul C1 Vape with Biometrics Tracks Usage

Under increasing pressure to help stop teen vaping, Juul recently piloted and launched its first Bluetooth-connected vape in Canada and the UK, respectively. The Juul C1 allows users to monitor their usage with an Android app, secure the device with a biometric lock, and find it if they’ve lost it.

The Financial Times reports that Juul may add the ability to restrict the vape’s operability around sensitive spots like schools and set usage limits in the future.

To make the device work, users must use the biometric lock—meaning they must submit their photo and their government ID to access features of the app at all. They also have to submit photos of their ID to purchase the device, which Juul tells The Verge it then verifies against third-party databases.

So far, many teen users of Juul products have gotten around these kinds of restrictions by buying their vapes online through secondary markets like Alibaba and eBay, and since many users of those platforms may be of legal age, this loophole may remain.

According to Juul, the app can help users prevent others from using their vapes—especially underaged people—and control their nicotine consumption and combat unauthorized use in real-time. It also allows users to see how many puffs they take daily, weekly, and monthly, all for around $30 USD.

Hey, Juul, where you going with my privacy?

Not everyone is thrilled about this development. Some critics are worried that the use of this technology will set a costly precedent that will drive some out of the industry.

However, the Juul C1 is not actually the first Bluetooth-connected vape. In fact, Pax, one of the most popular cannabis vapes, already offers app-connected devices, including one with adjustable strength settings.

Many other critics feel that the need to use biometrics violates the privacy of users, even as it fails to effectively curb teen use. Still, the new device is clearly part of Juul’s outlined plan to help curb youth vaping, and thus far they are following through on that commitment.

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