Kai’s Virgin Vapors Review

Kai’s Virgin Vapor says that their vape juices are extracted from plants. Uhh… ok. When organic foods and cleaners first became the rage, I admit, I bought some. I thought I’d “go green” and be more pure and all that jazz. When I found was that the foods were either lack luster or you couldn’t tell a difference. And the cleaners flat out sucked because they weren’t powerful enough to really clean anything. So, when I read this, I wasn’t sure what I was going to get when I opened it. Kai’s Virgin Vapor is the world’s leading all-natural e-liquid brand, but will their flavors really wow me? Read this Kai’s Virgin Vapors review and find out.

Kai's Virgin Vapor
Kai’s Virgin Vapor is some of the best all-natural e-liquid in the world at a variety of nicotine strengths.


Kai’s Virgin Vapor sent me seven flavors. Those include: Razzamatazz, Northern Lights, Romancing the Strawberry, Plum Crazy, Death by Chocolate and The Jet Set. Now, I’ve never been big on flavors that I have to research just to get an idea of what it is supposed to taste like. So, I was happy that at least half of them had names that gave me a pretty good idea of what to expect. I was definitely excited to fill up my vaporizer and try them out. I started with Razzamatazz.

As soon as I opened the bottle and smelled it … amazing. I love raspberry and this juice is wicked good. It’s sweet and strong and very, very raspberry. Man, I could just sniff the bottle and love it, but the taste really seals it. I was afraid that the plant extract would make it weak and dull, but Kai’s Virgin Vapor totally delivers with this flavor.

Next up is Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s The Jet Set. I admit, I looked this one up before popping it open. And guess what? It’s coffee flavored. And man, is it ever! Again, Kai’s Virgin Vapor delivers with The Jet Set. It’s strong and rich, like an excellent cup of black coffee. And since the only think I love more than a great cup of coffee is chocolate, I just had to try Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Death by Chocolate next.

Seriously guys, this one if so strong you can smell it before you even open the bottle. I’ve tried a lot of chocolate flavored juices that ended up in my overflowing crappy juice drawer. For whatever reason, chocolate seems to be a hard flavor for juice companies to create. But Kai’s Virgin Vapor freaking nailed it! I would say that, by far, Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Death by Chocolate is my absolute favorite chocolate flavored juice. Ever. It’s like vaping really good hot fudge. Simply awesomeness! And what’s better than coffee and chocolate? Coffee and chocolate with strawberries!

Well, Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Romancing the Strawberry doesn’t combine all three, but it’s still strawberry! This one has a nice strawberry taste, but I did not find it to be as strong and hearty of a flavor as some of the other Kai’s Virgin Vapor flavors I tried. Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Romancing the Strawberry is a good flavor and nails the strawberry taste in a way that a lot of juices don’t, but it’s not a strong flavor.

Let’s talk about Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Zen Cloudscape. This one is described as a mix of jasmine green tea and honeydew. I’ll admit that I could taste both and the flavor was strong, but it didn’t wow me. But, then again, it’s not a flavor combination that really interests me. If this combo is you’re thing, go for it. It’s true to the description and rich.

Next up, we’re going to talk about Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Northern Lights. Yup, northern lights, artic, cold … menthol. I’m not big on menthol myself, but I know a good one when I try it. Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Northern Light’s has a crisp flavor and packs a cool menthol tobacco taste. Not too bad.

Last, but certainly not least is Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Plum Crazy. Do you like a good juice plum? If you do, then Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Plum Crazy is definitely the flavor for you. It’s plum and then some, strong and rich and just overall amazing. And, plum is not an easy flavor to find in vape juice, so if you’re into plums, Kai’s Virgin Vapors have you taken care of. It’s definitely one of the more unique fruit flavors out there.

Now, let’s talk price.

nature scene
Kai’s Virgin Vapors flavors are all-natural, so you know you’re only getting the best ingredients.


Kai’s Virgin Vapors comes in four sizes. The 15 ml bottle sells for $13.50. The 30 ml bottle sells for $22.50, the 60 ml bottle sells for $39.99 and the 120 ml bottle sells for $69.99. And Kai’s Virgin Vapors is available in nicotine strengths from zero to 18 mg. They are 100% VG (vegetable glycerin). Dang, that ain’t too bad! You’re getting rocking flavor at a good price. And you just can’t beat that!

Oh, and let me add they are good, sturdy glass bottles with a dropper and I love that. I’d rather have that then a plastic bottle, but everyone is different. I know that when I order the 120 ml of bottles of Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s Death by Chocolate and Razzamatazz, they aren’t going to last too long at my house.

Kai’s Virgin Vapors offers a ton of flavors, which hit pretty much any palate. If the rest of the flavors are anywhere near as good as the ones they sent me, then you just can’t miss by giving them a try. They clearly use high-quality ingredients in their flavorings. The best place to order them is directly from Kai’s Virgin Vapor. It’s a one-stop shop for all your organic e-juice needs. They have the best, most high quality products available and you know that you’re getting authentic Kai’s Virgin Vapor e-liquid. No other organic vape juice comes close. Read how they compare to other natural e-juices here.


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