Kanger KBOX 200W Review

The new Kanger KBOX 200W box mod. Available with free shipping at MintyVapes.com.

Kangertech has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing quality vaping products at affordable prices, and their ubiquitous presence in the vaping community is a testament to that. I literally see someone vaping away on a Subox or a Nebox every single time I leave my house. So of course it’s always a big deal when they manufacture a new product. Enter the KBOX 200W.

The vaping world is one where people hop from one trend to the next. The latest trend (unless you’re reading this a couple months from now, in which case it’ll be something completely different) is extremely powerful box mods. The KBOX 200W is Kangertech’s first foray into the high-wattage box mod market. Let’s see how it stacks up.


Despite being manufactured in China, Kangertech products are always sleek and sexy looking, and the KBOX 200W is no exception. Kangertech bills it as being the smallest 200W mod on the market. I can’t confirm that claim, since I haven’t personally tried every 200W box mod, but I believe it. This thing is tiny. It measures in at 84mm tall, 56mm long, and 22mm wide. It’s really hard to describe just how small this mod feels in your hand. I carried it around all day every day, and while I don’t wear skinny jeans, I definitely wear clothes that fit and this thing didn’t cause me any difficulties. If you’re looking for a high-powered box mod that’s also portable, the KBOX 200W is your best bet by far. It literally blows my mind that it’s possible to pack so much power into such a small size, especially when looking back at where vape tech was just a couple years ago.

The only downside is that it scratches easily. Considering that it’s made in China, and the low price it retails for, I have no problem with that. If you really like to keep your tech products looking sexy for a long time, it could be a dealbreaker.


While the KBOX 200 is a sexy looking mod, we all know that the real reason you’ll be buying it is for the raw power. And let me tell you, this thing packs a punch. I tried it out with all kinds of tanks, including the Sense Herakles and other sub-ohm fan favorites, and I never came across a situation where I wished that I had more power.  It supports 0.05 ohms and above, and supports Ni/Ti/SS/NiCr, so no matter your preference this is capable of meeting your needs. The wattage range is from 7W-200W, literally giving you more power than you’ll ever need.

While it handles sub-ohm tanks perfectly, with this much wattage you’ll also be blowing glorious clouds in a standard-ohm range. To be honest, while reviewing this I tried multiple tanks and juices, and it seemed like it impossible to NOT blow huge clouds when using the higher wattage levels. Even if you prefer to vape at lower wattages, it’s always nice to have the option to crank it up if you want to.

As far as malfunctions go, I tried this out over the course of more than a week and didn’t receive a single misfire or any other type of malfunction. I know that the quality control of the Chinese factories isn’t the best, so it’s possible that there could be a few duds out there, but the one I vaped with worked flawlessly.

It features a spring-loaded 510 connection, and I was able to screw in a variety of tanks with ease. It features a micro-USB port for charging and upgrade capabilities, and requires two 18650 lithium ion batteries.

The KBOX 200W is available with free shipping at MintyVapes.com.


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