Why is Kim Kardashian Having a CBD-Themed Baby Shower?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their fourth child. The baby, who will be born via surrogate, will join his oddly-named siblings North, Chicago, and Saint. But the most noteworthy aspect of the upcoming birth is the baby shower. Why? Well Kim Kardashian decided that she wants the baby shower to be a more mellow, subdued affair. That means lots of CBD.

Kim told E! News that the event will be a “massages for all, like just meditation, calm-before-the-storm baby shower.” She elaborated:

“This year, because I am freaking out so much, I just want a zen-like CBD-themed baby shower. I just want massages, I want to do like a tea ceremony with crystals and we’re going to have a drink at this baby shower — we’re not pregnant.”

-Kim Kardashian

The reality TV star also told E! News that the baby shower will be an opportunity for her other kids to realize that they’re going to have a new sibling soon.

“When you have a surrogate, for me, I realized that having a baby shower for Chi was actually so much more beneficial for my kids, because they saw people come.”

-Kim Kardashian

The news about Kim’s CBD baby shower comes after her sister Kourtney gushed about CBD gummies on her lifestyle site, Poosh.

“CBD is an anti-inflammatory that has been known to reduce anxiety and stress.”

-Kourtney Kardashian

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