KimSun AIR10 E-Cigarette Review

Kimsun Air10

The AIR10 is a small, box-shaped e-cigarette built by KimSun. The AIR10 uses a proprietary disposable atomizer that is pre-filled with 10ml of e-juice, available in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.

While most e-cigarette manufacturers are targeting the intermediate-to-advanced vaping hobbyist with mods and tanks, it’s important to realize that there are still tons of beginners and non-hobbyists out there who just want something simple. They don’t want to worry about building coils or any of that nonsense. They want to be able to buy a prefilled cartridge that they can snap in and start vaping with immediately, with zero learning curve involved. And when they’re done they want to be able to throw that cartridge away. I believe that with the AIR10, KimSun has created a device that will be more than adequate at meeting the needs of that particular niche.

Let’s take a look and see how it performs.

kimsun air10 box

What’s in the box?

Inside the box you’ll find a blister pack containing the proprietary e-liquid cartridge, the AIR10 e-cigarette battery itself, a smaller cardboard box containing the microUSB cable, and an instruction manual. The good news is that this package contains literally everything that you’ll need to start vaping, no other equipment is required. This makes it great for beginners who can be confused by some of the advanced gear and terminology that gets thrown around in the vaping community.

Kimsun Air10 cartridge


The AIR10 is extremely small, and has a really unique shape. It’s a sort of strange oval with the mouthpiece sticking out. When I say that the appearance is “strange”, by no means do I mean that it’s bad. It actually looks really cool and it a great shape that fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. Size wise, it’s comparable to an eLeaf iStick PICO or other similar mods.

When it comes to buttons other features, the AIR10 is very minimalist.  You get a plastic fire button, USB charging port, and a strip of LED lights that are designed to turn on whenever you press the fire button.

Overall, it’s a solidly designed compact e-cigarette from an aesthetic point of view. You definitely won’t look weird carrying this thing around, which is more than I can say for a lot of e-cigs.

Kimsun Air10 Battery


The first thing that you need to realize is that the AIR10 is a closed system e-cigarette, meaning that it’s only compatible with their proprietary cartridges (similar to the Juul e-cig). If you’re looking for an advanced mod that is compatible with all of the cool guy tanks and RDAs, look elsewhere. But if you’re someone who prefers something that requires minimal mess and is incredibly easy to use, these closed system e-cigs are perfect. I have tons of friends who actually like to vape using these types of devices rather than a mod and there’s nothing wrong with that in my book.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s take a look at how it vapes.

Kimsun Air10 Battery top

The proprietary cartridge holds 10ml of e-liquid. This is a fairly large amount, much more than a standard sized tank would hold and it lasted me an incredibly long amount of time, even with constant all-day vaping. The cartridge doubles as a mouthpiece, and when you run out of e-juice you simply remove it from the base and chuck it in the trash. Maybe someone out there might be able to tinker with it a bit to find a way to refill it, but it doesn’t seem like an option to me.

The cartridge has a few airflow slots that are located on the back. They provided me with solid airflow and helped me to get a decent amount of vapor with each draw on the device. The only downside is that is can be easy to accidentally cover the air holes with your finger while vaping, but if you use a different grip it becomes a non-issue.

The base contains a 1700mAh internal battery, which may seem a bit weak if you’re comparing it APVs but for an entry level device is more than sufficient.  It has a .25 Ohm titanium coil wire that did an excellent job of heating up the e-liquid. No surprises there, it would be weird if it didn’t since it comes pre-installed in the cartridge and is designed specifically for this device.

It takes less than 3 hours to fully charge from an empty battery. It weighs in at an extremely lightweight 138g. The dimensions are 38.7 x 25.2 x 102mm. Like I said before, this thing is tiny.

The AIR10 cartridges are available in 15 different flavors ranging from fruit to mint to tobacco and more. If the closed system aspect of the AIR10 worries you because you enjoy different flavors, rest assured that it won’t be a problem here.

Overall the KimSun AIR10 is an excellently designed little e-cig that is great for beginners or even more experienced vapers who want to minimize the hassle.

It’s not currently available for sale, but KimSun should let us know when it’s available and where you can buy it. Check the KimSun site for more info.


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