Kind Juice Review: It’s Good to be Kind

Have you heard of Kind Juice?

It was a new one for me when it was sent for me to review. Kind Juice touts itself as an organic juice, actually an e-nectar. Kind Juice is made with organic vegetable glycerine and the flavors are derived from crops grown right here in the good-ole-U-S-of-A. In Florida to be specific.

The nicotine is taken from American-grown tobacco and Kind Juice reports that the flavors are created in an ISO certified lab. I’ve got to say, all this got my attention. I always say that I’m game to try new juices, almost always there’s a pleasant surprise some where in a new line of juices.

But I’ve tried some juice lines that claim to be more natural and I haven’t been wowed. More often than not, I find them weak and some times totally lacking in flavor. While I wasn’t geeked to try Kind Juice, I’m always up for the challenge. And right away my stereotype of “natural” or “organic” juices was proved wrong.

kind juice
Kind Juice


I was sent five Kind Juice flavors: Teacher’s Pet, The Lazy Iquana, Key West Sunset, Little Mean Vanilla Bean and Once in a Blue Moon.

I always love it when a company includes product information to somewhat explain the flavors when they have names that don’t make it totally clear. It saves me from having to look up each one and make notes and go through all that. Seeing that Kind Juice describes Once in a Blue Moon as “fresh picked wild forest blueberries” I grabbed the bottle first.

Oh my word. The glorious smell.

Not the sugary-sweet or gag-me-tart so often associated with blueberry flavors but a true lost-in-the-woods and just-picked smell. And the taste provided what the smell promised. If you love a true, wild blueberry taste, then you need to try Kind Juice Once in a Blue Moon.

It’s amazing.

Onto my next new love, Kind Juice Teacher’s Pet. Described as “Washington Crisp Red Apple dipped in caramel” I was thrilled to find that again, it smelled as awesome as described. Ohhh and the flavor! Like a fresh picked apple and granny’s best homemade caramel. Not too strong, not to week and no artificial after taste. I’ve kept a tank with Kind Juice Teacher’s Pet since I first tried it. I will totally be ordering more when it’s gone.

Kind Juice The Lazy Iguana didn’t disappoint either. With a mix of strawberries, kiwi and guava, it was exactly as described. I’m not big on guava myself, but if you are and like it with strawberries and kiwi, then you are going to want to try Kind Juice The Lazy Iguana.

When I got ready to open Little Mean Vanilla Bean I was anticipating the vanilla bean scent that every girl in the 90s seemed to love to wear by the gallon. But an amazing smell greeted me. The smell and taste are both a hard to explain extremely wonderful combination of a delicious bakery and a perfume.

Honestly, I would bake more (ok, not more, since I don’t do it now) if I could make things that smelled and tasted this good. Not gaggy vanilla extract or nasty 90s scent but a true prue smell and taste. Let me say that again – pure. All of these Kind Juice flavors have a purity that I didn’t think possible in a juice. They are light and strong at the same time, and you can actually taste the absence of chemicals.

It’s like vaping a piece of heaven.

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about Key West Sunset. The company’s marketing paperwork hit the mark “reminiscent of candy peach rings.” Yes! It’s awesome! Sweet and a hint of tart and then a hint of tart and sweet. Kind Juice Key West Sunset is just like the candy and it totally rocks. In case you can’t tell, I’m a fan of peach rings and honestly never considered a juice flavored like that but dang, I’ll be ordering more of this one when it’s gone too.

Kind Juice offers 18 flavors in its Nectars line. They also have a Tobacco Ridge line and an e-gel line. I’ve got to admit, this company got my attention and support when I didn’t even think I was going to like it.

Now let’s talk price.

kind e-juice
Kind E-Juice


Most flavors are $13.99 for a 15 ml and $24.99 for a 30 ml. They do offer a sample pack and a discount when you buy five bottles. Normally, I shop in the $10 or less area for a 15 ml, but I can tell you, had I dropped $13.99 on the Kind Juice flavors I was sent, I would not have been disappointed. Actually, in more of them I would have wished I’d bundled or gotten bigger bottles.

Just a note, if you try it, make sure to follow the directions to leave the bottle open, with the cap completely off for 24 hours before trying. It is aerating and helps produce that awesome flavor.

Honestly guys, don’t think organic means weak flavor. Don’t be scared away by the small ingredient list with words you can pronounce,

Kind Juice delivers.

I can’t wait to try more.

The best place to buy Kind e-juice is directly from

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