Koi CBD New Product Line Review: Koi Still Delivers

Sometimes when a company adds something new to its line up it’s a great thing.

Other times, a consumer can’t help but feel that the company should have left well enough alone and stuck with what worked. When Koi sent me some new CBD products to try, I must admit to a good deal of trepidation concerning the new line, even though I loved their CBD oil.  

Koi sent me a handful of new things to try, including Koi Naturals 500 mg orange, 500 mg lemon-lime and 3,000 mg natural, Koi CBD Tropical Fusion 100 mg Gummies, Koi Pets Full Spectrum CBD Soft Chews, the Koi Envii Fitt pod digital vaporizer with Koi Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit and Koi Stik Electronic Cigarette with refillable cartridges.

Let’s start with the Koi Naturals line.

Koi Naturals

What do you think when you see the word naturals on a product?

Some people think about how wonderful and organic and amazing the product is.

I, however, have found that when a product says natural, it usually means they have taken the effectiveness out of it.

Now, I love Koi. They have an effective product that does that it promises and it comes in amazing flavors. The thought of it being “natural” just took the wind right out of my sails. I was so prepared to be disappointed.

But, thank goodness, Koi delivered again.

The Koi Natural line is amazing! Let me repeat that, the Koi Natural line is amazing!! It is a strong, pure flavor and the CBD seems more effective that past Koi products in the same strength. I personally preferred the lemon-line over the orange, but that’s just me. And I preferred both flavored varieties I was sent over the natural.

To me, unflavored CBD tastes like pumpkin seeds. It’s a tolerable taste but I, personally, would rather mask it with something that tastes better.

And Koi’s new delivery system really blew me away. By new delivery system, I mean a simple, little spray nozzle. So easy, yet so effective. Spraying some CBD under your tongue is so much handier than dealing with a dropper. How many of us have manged to get the CBD on our tongues and teeth with the dang dropper? Spray nozzle, genius!

Koi Natural line, amazing!!!

But, unless you like pumpkin seed flavor, go for one of the Koi Natural flavors, which include spearmint, orange and lemon-lime. The Koi Naturals line offers a wide range of potencies, which come at different price points, starting at $39.99 for a 30 ml bottle of 250 mg CBD and topping out at $249.99 for a 60 ml bottle of 3,000 mg CBD. That may seem high, but remember that a 30 ml bottle is going to last a while, when you take small amounts of it as needed.

As a consumer, and a frugal one at that, I would say that the price is worth the product.

koi naturals
Koi Naturals is one of the best tasting, all-natural CBD brands out there today.

Moving onto the Koi CBD Tropical Fusion 100 mg Gummies.

Koi Tropical Fusion Gummies

Like any CBD gummy I have ever tasted, these are awful to chew up. For some reason, CBD gummies always have a yucky consistency. These are a low potency and the yucky chew is worth amount of CBD relief you get from the Koi CBD Tropical Fusion 100 mg Gummies.

These sell for $29.99 for a package of 20. It’s a high price point for what you get, but if you want something you can toss in your purse and have on hand, these are just the right thing.

koi gummies
Koi Tropical Fusion CBD gummies are delicious and effective.

Koi Pets Full Spectrum CBD Soft Chews

The Koi Pets Full Spectrum CBD Soft Chews were a hit with my dogs.

I have an older dog who suffers from arthritis and normally takes a handful of daily supplements, from aspirin to glucosamine. She wasn’t quite a pup again with the Koi Pets Full Spectrum CBD Soft Chews but she was undoubtable more spry. A couple of these CBD pet treats did more than all of the daily supplements that I’ve been giving her.

And that right there, was heartwarming to see. To see my girl moving around without visible pain makes the $24.99 price for a bag of 25 chews with 2,5 mg of CBD each well worth it. I know I’ll be ordering more of these, the benefits were awesome.

Koi pets CBD
Koi CBD pet treats are the best way to help your dog live a calm, stress-free life.

Koi Stik

The Koi Stik sells for $16.99 and is a handy little sucker. This vape pen charges fast and you can fill the cartridges with the high-strength CBD of your choice. The Koi Stik is small, discreet and silent. All of which are major selling points for me.

The refillable cartridges, Koi Pods, sell for $8.99 for a pack of two. Personally, I think this is a great setup to keep in the car. Quick, easy and ready to go when you need it.

Filling the Koi Pods can be a bit of a pain in the butt, because you have to get the juice in a little bitty hole and you don’t want to waste a single drop, but it’s worth it in the long run. But, if you don’t want to mess around with getting the precious juice in the tiny little fill spot, then check out the Koi FITT by Envii. This little device, called a digital vaporizer, is high speed.

After charging, you pop in a handy Koi Pod, prefilled with 3.2 ml of amazing Koi Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit with 50 mg of CBD per pod. And you are ready to go. Just hit the little button and take a hit. Awesomeness, right there in your hand. And, check this out, you can take a hit by using the button, but it’s also got a puff sensor and works when you just puff at it.


Koi stick
The Koi Stik is a great way to enjoy your favorite CBD oil.

Koi FITT by Envii

The Koi FITT by Envii is super-small and easy to handle. It’s designed to take anywhere and is perfect for the car, purse or pocket. The Koi FITT by Envii Starter Pack sells for $44.99 and includes a charging cable and one prefilled Koi Pod. A package of prefilled Koi Pods sells for $21.99.

Not a bad deal for what you get.

The Koi FITT will help you take your CBD vaping to the next level.

Bottom line, I was blown away with Koi’s new products.

And they offer more than just what’s listed here. Check out their website for more information. Personally, I’m looking forward to trying Lavender Koi Hand and Body Lotion. Make sure you check for exclusive discount codes on Koi before you order!

If it’s as good as the rest of the Koi products, it’s going to be awesome!

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