Lazarus Naturals Review

Those who love cannabidiol (CBD) products know the importance of quality. And, your hunt for quality CBD products must have led you to hear of a brand named Lazarus Naturals.

It is among the few well-known and dependable brands of CBD products in the overcrowded market that is the cannabis industry.

However, before you invest in a CBD product from any brand, you should know what exactly you are signing up for. That’s all the more important because these products don’t come for cheap.

Today, we’ll tell you about this brand, Lazarus Naturals, so that you can make an informed decision the next time you purchase a CBD product.

About The Brand: Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals has been in the cannabinoid industry for quite a few years. All this time, the firm’s main aim has been to supply high-quality CBD products. It extracts CBD from legally compliant hemp grown in its own organic farms.

Let’s discuss the brand’s manufacturing process a bit in detail for a better idea about its operations.

Sourcing Method

The company grows its hemp plants in Central Oregon, which has the ideal climatic condition for the purpose. The farms are organic, i.e. no harmful pesticide is used in the farming process.

In 2020, 120 acres of the company’s farmland received the USDA certification. It plans to get all products certified by the USDA by the end of 2021.

Extraction of Ingredients

After the crops are harvested, they are dried and packed in a bag, and sent off to the testing labs. There, each plant is individually tested to ensure that it’s safe for consumption. Even though the framing process is organic, tests are run to detect harmful pesticides and heavy metals, too. This would ensure a double-check that only pure and safe hemp plants go to the next stage. In the next step, the firm extracts the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes using cryogenic ethanol. That ensures that all impurities are sieved out.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Each extract is again sent for tests—this time to a third-party lab. Yet again, it is checked that the extracts are free of harmful pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial impurities. Their potency is tested as well. Only when each extract has been certified as fit for use are they transferred to the packaging stage.


In the packaging stage, the firm makes sure that you get products that are sealed properly and unadulterated. So, the quality remains intact when it reaches you.

The best part of the packaging is that it is done using recyclable and biodegradable materials. Before being sent off, each product is evaluated based on a personal checklist that the firm has created to ensure quality service.

Brand Reputation

The best way to evaluate a brand’s reputation is to read testimonials and reviews from authentic customers. If you visit the Lazarus Naturals website, you will find hundreds of positive reviews from customers. Some testimonials have been featured on the home page as well. Customers have talked in detail about the high quality of products and the smooth and frictionless service.

The firm is transparent about its FDA disclosure. It also educates customers about CBD through blogs. The entire production process and lab reports of the products are up on the site for customers to examine. Doesn’t that sound like an honest brand?

Shipping Policy of Lazarus Naturals

Here’s the shipping policy in a nutshell:

#1. All orders placed before 11.45 Pacific Time are shipped on the same day, via USPS or UPS. However, if you place the order after 11:45 Pacific Time, the product will be shipped on the next business day.

#2. Lazarus Naturals offers free shipping to all orders above $25. For orders under $25, an additional shipping cost of $3.50 is charged. If you want your order to be delivered faster, you can apply for an expedited delivery for an extra charge.

#3. The transit time is calculated based on workdays, which are Mondays to Fridays for both USPS and UPS. Also, the transit time excludes all public holidays. Expedited delivery is only available via UPS.

#4. All orders have a unique tracking number. You will find the tracking number in your confirmation mail.

#5. For all orders worth over $1000, the shipping address must match the billing address. You will have to sign a receipt upon delivery.

#6. What if a product is shipped to the wrong address and returned? The firm will look into the matter and, if the error is found to be on its part, it will ship a replacement for no extra cost.

Order Cancellation Policy

At present, the firm does not have an order cancellation policy. If you order a product and it is processed, there is no way to cancel it.

Return and Refund Policy

#1. All returns have to be made within 90 days of delivery. Make sure that the order slip, the invoice, the product package, and the product itself are intact before you request a return.

#2. To request a return, you can either call customer care on 888-966-6210 or send an email to They will take it forward.

#3. Once the return is approved, you will be notified through an email. After the approval, it can take up to 30 days for the refund amount to be credited to your account.

#4. Note that the firm only accepts returns of products bought from the official website. It’s not responsible for the return or exchange of products bought from third-party sites. You have to get in touch with that third-party site for such issues.

#5. Also, remember that the company reserves the right to reject a return request.

Transparency is an integral part of the company policy. It is mentioned on the website that its purpose is not to provide any medical advice. So, if you have even an ounce of doubt about a product or its effect on your health, do consult a doctor.

Also, all statements made on the website have been evaluated by FDA. You will find the FDA disclosure on the site. It states that no product is meant for treating or curing any kind of disease.

3 Best Products of Lazarus Naturals

#1. Flavorless High-Potency CBD Tincture

With 56 reviews, this is one of the most popular products of Lazarus Naturals. It is made of freshly extracted premium-quality CBD. The tincture is flavorless but high in potency.

Key Ingredients

CBD isolate and fractionated coconut oil




Each ml contains 50gm of CBD

Customer Review

Most customers are highly satisfied with the product. It seems that they like the fact that the tincture is flavorless. Customers enjoy the raw flavor of hemp in the tincture. Customers have also talked about the supreme quality of the product and the brand’s impeccable service.

#2. Relaxation CBD Capsules

These relaxation capsules comprise high-quality CBD extracts and brown rice flour. The capsule contains extracts of chamomile and ashwagandha, which are said to help you relax and sleep better. To ensure quality, the CBD is extracted in-house.

Key Ingredients

Vegetable cellulose (capsule), L-theanine, cannabidiol, microcrystalline cellulose, Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCL), ashwagandha extract, L-tryptophan, chamomile extract


Each ml contains 25mg of CBD


Consult your doctor before consuming these products if you are allergic to grapes.

Customer Review

Customers love this product. They claim that these capsules help them sleep better without making them feel drowsy in the morning. It is an amazing product if you are looking for relaxing capsules that offer comfort and peaceful sleep at night.

#3. Lavender CBD Balm

If you are looking for a fragrant CBD lip balm, this is the right product for you. Infused with high-quality CBD, mango extracts, butter, and beeswax, this balm not only takes care of your lips but also helps you relax.

Key Ingredients

Organic mango seed butter, organic white beeswax, organic capric triglyceride, lavender oil, hemp extract, oleic acid, isopropyl myristate


Half a teaspoon of balm contains 50gm of CBD


If you are allergic to grapes, consult a doctor before using the product.

Customer Review

The two things people love the most about this product are the pleasant smell of lavender and the effectiveness of CBD. These work together to give an ultimate relaxing experience to the consumer.

Lazarus Naturals Reviews: Pros & Cons


Few products and brands in the world come only with pros and no cons. So we have to settle for those that have minimal cons and mostly pros. So let’s check out how Lazarus Naturals fares on this parameter.

Excellent Quality

The most important thing to check when buying a new product is its quality. Lazarus Naturals has its organic hemp farm from where the CBD is extracted. It then goes through two levels of lab testing—first in the firm’s lab and then in a third-party lab. This ensures quality for sure.

USDA Certification

Every brand claims that it has the best quality of CBD. But how do you confirm that statement? With Lazarus Naturals, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of this information because 120 acres of its farming plot have been certified by USDA. The firm is also transparent with its service—you can see the FDA disclosure right on the website.

Excellent Policies on Shipping and Return:

The firm has customer-friendly policies on shipping and return. It keeps customer satisfaction at the peak and ensures that you have the best experience. Also, its customer support is just one call or one email away to help you with any problem that you might face.

Special Offer for New Customers

To give a happy start to new customers, the company offers 15% off on all first orders. All you need to do is sign up to avail of that offer. By signing up, you will also receive notifications about new products and discounts. The company often offers discounts on select products on its website.


Nobody’s perfect. That holds for Lazarus Naturals, too. So, let’s now talk about a few areas where the brand can improve.

Late Shipping

Since Lazarus Naturals does not have a delivery service and relies on USPS and UPS, transit does not take place on weekends and holidays. So, let’s say you order a product on a Friday evening. You will have to wait for two more days before your order is even shipped.

No Order Cancellation Policy

The biggest drawback of the company is that it does not have an order cancellation policy. Once an order is processed, it will be shipped and delivered to you. If you cannot show any reason that’s entertained by the company, you cannot return the product.

Unfair Return Policy

Every part of the return policy has been written keeping in mind the convenience of the customer. However, there is a clause that says the company reserves the right to reject your return claim for whatever reason. The terms under which a return request can be rejected have not been mentioned. Hence, it leaves customers uncertain about the prospect of returning a product.

Buying Guide for Beginners

#1. Check the Brand’s Reputation

The first thing you need to check while buying a product is the reputation of the brand. To do that, you can go to the “About” page on the website and find out more about the Lazarus Naturals brand. The best thing about the brand is its transparency. Starting from the in-house and third-party lab processes to the disclaimer regarding the benefits of the products, Lazarus Naturals scores high on transparency. Also, the USDA certification on 120 acres of its farmland adds to the credibility of the products.

#2. Check the Source and Ingredients of a Product

Another important thing to check before using CBD products is the source. Lazarus Naturals wins this round hands down with its huge organic hemp farms. Even if you buy from a different brand, make sure you check the source of the CBD product. Do not proceed if you are not 100% satisfied. Also, before buying a product, make sure you check the list of ingredients.

#3. Check Lab Reports

Lab reports play an important role to ensure the credibility of a product. Check what kind of procedure a firm follows in terms of lab inspection. Is a third-party lab involved? That is the ultimate mark of a firm’s integrity. After that, examine the individual lab reports of each product to ensure their quality. Speaking of Lazarus Naturals, the company lists the lab report of each product in the description section.

#4. Know What’s the Best Type of CBD for You

CBD comes in various forms and flavors. There are gummies and tinctures as well as vapes. Each product can be found in various flavors as well. If you are just starting with CBD, make sure that you take some time to adapt to it. See what works for you the best and proceed only then.

#5. Take the Overall Shopping Experience into Account

Another important factor for choosing the right brand is the overall shopping experience. Before you proceed to shop with a brand, check out its customer policies. That would include shipping, refund, and cancellation policies. Also, settle for a brand that has a friendly and active customer support service. Nobody likes to face ignorant and rude customer service staff, especially when they are already grappling with a shipping or delivery issue.

Lazarus Naturals: FAQs

Q: Can I Return Or Cancel Orders On Lazarus Naturals?

A: Yes, you can return your order if you face a problem with it. There is a 90-day window for that. Just keep all the bills and the original packaging intact to qualify for the return. However, the company reserves the right to reject a return request. It has not stated the exact terms and conditions under which it can reject a return request. The firm does not have an order cancellation policy as of now. Once the order is processed, there is no way of stopping it.

Q: What Is The Shipping Fee On Lazarus Naturals?

A: Lazarus Naturals provides free shipping for orders above $25. However, if your order value is less than $25, the firm will charge a shipping fee of $3.5. Shipping is done via USPS or UPS, which operate only on weekdays.

Q: Can I Use Lazarus Naturals Products To Treat Headaches Or Get Relief From Pain?

A: These CBD products are NOT meant to treat or cure any physical problem. The firm has mentioned this on its website. The FDA disclaimer the brand has posted on the website also makes this point very clear.

These products are NOT a replacement for medicines prescribed by a doctor. Also, do not use a CBD product without consulting a physician, especially if you suffer from any health complications.

Q: Do Lazarus Naturals Have Customer Support?

A: Yes, the company has an active customer support system. You can reach out to the staff via the email id or call them on the number provided on the website. Starting from any queries regarding shipping to refund and replacement claims, the customer support staff is here to help you.

Lazarus Naturals: Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, it is pretty clear that the quality of Lazarus Naturals products is really good. The hemp is extracted from organic farms certified by the USDA. Also, what makes this brand highly reliable is that it’s extremely transparent regarding its service. Starting from the production process to packaging, it has everything listed on its website.

Even for individual products, you will find a detailed ingredient list along with lab reports and usage instructions. Plus, the variety of products and flavors adds to the customer experience.

So, if you want to try out a new brand that promises to cater to most of your needs and provide excellent service, you must give Lazarus Naturals a shot. However, if you are just starting with CBD products, we recommend that you do not rush into it. Take it slow and steady and find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

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