Leonardo DiCaprio Upgrades to Mod, Shuttles Girls to Private Beach

Leonardo DiCaprio has never really been shy about that fact that he vapes. Just a few days ago he was captured blowing clouds again. TMZ as usual left out the good shit in the story – it looks like he has upgraded from a simple vape pen to a Mod Vape.

Leonardo Dicaprio with Mod Vape

Here’s what he was smoking before:

Leonardo Dicaprio Blowing Clouds

Welcome to the big leagues Leo. Smoking with a Dual Coil or Single Coil? Ahh, never mind. With the popularity of vaporizers gaining traction like they never have before, you have to ponder…are vape pens the modern day cigar? Even Turtle from Entourage is getting in on the action.

Bitches. Booze. Mod Vapes. What are you doing with your life?


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