LOL at the Retarded New CDC Anti-Vaping Ad


It seems like we can’t go a single week without another government funded anti-vaping propaganda campaign. The latest is different from the hysterical, inaccurate campaigns that we’ve written about before. Knowing that they can’t attack vaping directly, since it is undoubtedly safer than smoking, the CDC has attacked it indirectly by claiming that vaping actually isn’t an effective smoking cessation tool. (Tell that to the thousands upon thousands of people who credit vaping with saving their lives.)

The new ads will air on the radio and in print, and they feature a person named Kristy who started using e-cigarettes but still smoked and is surprised that the real cigarettes still caused her lung to collapse. Is this ad really necessary? Everyone knows that there’s nothing in e-cig vapor that will counteract the effects of simultaneously smoking cigarettes. If you keep smoking, it’s bad for you. No fucking shit, sherlock.

How many thousands of people have tried to quit smoking using nicotine patches? Where are all of the anti-nicotine patch ads? “I started using nicotine patches but kept smoking, right up until my lung collapsed”. Of course we won’t see anything like that because the pharmaceutical companies have much more $$$ than the small businesses that manufacture vaping products.

The silver lining in all of this is that the CDC didn’t jump on the hysteria bandwagon about formaldehyde or whatever the anti-vapers are yammering about these days. We really don’t have too much to worry about if the worst thing the CDC has to say about vaping is that you’ll still die if you vape and smoke simultaneously.


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