How to Make Your Own Vape Liquid

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If you’ve decided to quit smoking in favor of vaping, you’ve opened the door to more creative possibilities. While the same old cigarettes can become repetitive, vaping allows for some freedom to experience new flavors.  All you have to do is keep refilling your E-liquid once it runs out, and the best part is that you can make your own vape liquid with basic materials from home. To begin making your own personalized vape liquid, you’ll need a few basic ingredients, a couple small pieces of equipment and the specific ingredients you’ll need to make the flavor you’re looking for.

The Basics

First, you’ll need some diluted nicotine. This is the most important ingredient, as it makes vaping a viable alternative to smoking, and its absence would make vaping completely pointless. You’ll also need either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), which you use as the carrier fluid that makes up most of the formula’s volume. While there are differences between their flavor and viscosity, they both act as a “diluent” for the vaping liquid — diluting the mixture enough to be enjoyable. It goes without saying, of course, that these substances should be handled with extreme care.

The Equipment

This is by no means intimidating — you’ll just need some basic safety equipment, along with some bottles, containers, syringes, goggles and gloves. Most of these items can be found on Amazon, and if not there, just search “safety goggles,” and you can buy them from wherever you see fit.

The Flavor

Last but not least, you’ll need the flavoring! There is a vast number of flavor bases available all over the internet, so all you have to do is find the ones that pique your interest. From that point, you can begin experimenting with different flavor combinations, and eventually you’ll find the one that hits the spot.

The Mixture

Each combination of PG or VG, diluted nicotine and whatever flavors you add is going to mix differently. The challenging variable is figuring out how much nicotine to add to each mixture, and this in turn determines how much of the other ingredients you add to the mixture. Once you’ve figured out how much of each ingredient you’re going to use — whether manually or with a calculator — extract each of the ingredients using the syringes, place them in your containers, and start mixing. Once it’s mixed, pour it into one of your bottles. Remember to shake well. Pretty soon, you should have your very own E-liquid cocktail brewing!

The Benefits

Aside from the potential health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, a do-it-yourself approach to making the vape liquid you put in your E-cigarette can be much cheaper than buying pre-mixed liquid. While pre-mixed liquids can push $3 per five millimeters, purchasing the ingredients individually to make your own liquids can easily stay under $1 or $1.50 per five millimeters. That almost cuts the cost in half, and while it does take more time, the decreased dent on your budget is well worth the time spent in the lab.


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