What marijuana dispensaries are near me?

What do marijuana dispensaries sell?

Marijuana dispensaries sell just about any pot-related product you can imagine. Here are some of the items that you’ll likely find in your local marijuana dispensary:

  • Dry herb (flower). Dispensaries stock a wide variety of strains, each one having different effects on your mood, energy level, and more. They sell indicas, sativas, and hybrid strains. Whether you’re looking for something to help you chill out and sleep, or something to give you more energy, your local dispensary will having the perfect strain for you. Dry herbs can be either smoked or vaped.
  • Oils. Pot dispensaries sell a variety of THC oils (the ones that get you high) as well as CBD oils (the ones that have beneficial effects without the high). You can fill up your favorite vape pen or e-liquid tank with this oil and vape away.
  • Wax. THC wax is designed to be used with either a dab rig or a wax-compatible vape pen or tank.
  • Pre-rolled joints. For those times when you just want to light one up without rolling it yourself. These will be more expensive than a comparable amount of dry herb, but you’re paying for the convenience.
  • Pre-filled vape pens. Many weed dispensaries will sell you pre-filled disposable vape pens. This is ideal if you’re traveling and didn’t bring your own vape.
  • Edibles. Most dispensaries sell both THC and CBD edibles. There are tons of companies making some super-tasty products such as brownies, gummies, juices, cookies, and more.
  • Accessories. Most marijuana dispensaries will also stock pipes, rolling paper, lighters, and everything else that you need to enjoy your cannabis.

Marijuana dispensaries sell flower in a variety of different strains.

Are recreational marijuana dispensaries legal in my state?

Unfortunately only a few states have legal recreational dispensaries as of January 2018:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Washington

Many other states have medical dispensaries, but you’ll need a medical card to purchase weed in those states.

Cannabis Joint Las Vegas Strip
Tourists and locals can both buy recreational marijuana at dispensaries in Las Vegas.