Master Criminal Hits WA Dispensary with Underwear on Head

A brilliant example of both “making do” and dispensary “don’ts”

This week, a man attempted to break into a dispensary disguised by a pair of underwear on his head. A security camera video captured the moment.

This modern Lon Chaney also used socks to camouflage his appearance as he used a pry bar to break in. He is, apparently, a “HANES” man.

Unfortunately, however, 55-year-old human chameleon and cannabis fan, Scott Hedge, also set off the alarm. Six police officers and a K9 unit flashing lights and sirens arrived on the scene quickly. Hedge responded by fighting and resisting arrest briefly, before surrendering.

The dispensary, in Otis Orchards, Washington, posted the video on Facebook:

“The suspect prepared for the many security cameras at the cannabis shop by wrapping underwear around his head in a mask-like disguise.”

In an interview posted on Twitter, shop founder Stacey Peterson said, “it was just crazy — just unbelievable that someone would show up in that disguise and try to attempt a break-in on a property that’s this secure. We have 22 cameras and a security system and the police are on high alert for cannabis shops.”

Authorities arrested and booked Hedge into the Spokane County Jail. He has been charged with resisting arrest, malicious mischief, and burglary in the second degree. The HANES are now, we think, evidence.

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