Medical Journal: Scans Show Lung Cancer Patient’s Tumors Shrink After Taking CBD Oil

An 81-year-old cancer patient who was told that his cancer would eventually kill him saw his tumors shrink after taking drops of CBD oil every day.

The unidentified patient refused chemotherapy and other traditional treatments in favor of a controversial new strategy: Taking CBD on a daily basis for three months. Although Cannabidiol hasn’t been approved for use as a cancer treatment, scans showed that his tumors shrank to half their size, and that the progression of the disease was reversed.

Initial scan showing lung tumor

The scans were published in the journal SAGE Open Medical Case Reports. The authors of the journal claimed that ‘CBD may have had a role in the striking response’.

It’s important to note that this is only one case. Researchers are still studying the effects of CBD and whether it can be used as an effective treatment for cancer and other diseases. Until the research becomes more conclusive, we recommend that you follow your doctor’s recommendations when treating any medical condition.

Scan showing reduction in tumor size

Despite the fact that CBD’s effect on tumors is still inconclusive, the cannabis-derived compound has been exploding in popularity this year. Many people use the substance (primarily in oil form) for treatment of anxiety, seizures, pain, depression and more.

Many scientists believe that CBD produces oxygenated chemicals that may cause cancerous cells to kill themselves. There are several other pathways that may achieve a similar effect, however. Some scientists also believe that CBD can stop tumors from recruiting other cells that help it grow.

Scan showing reduction in tumor size

The patient in this case was an elderly man who had smoked 20 or 30 cigarettes per day in his 20’s and 30’s. He had also been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a lung disease that can cause loss of breath among other symptoms.

He was diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma in October 2016 after going to his doctor complaining of severe breathlessness. Scans showed that he had a 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm tumor in his lung. The disease had also spread to his lymph nodes. Only 15 percent of patients who are diagnosed with this form of cancer survive longer than five years.

Final scan showing reduced tumor size from CBD

Another scan in July 2017 showed that the disease was progressing. A follow-up scan in November revealed a surprising twist: the tumor had shrunk to less than half of its size. The doctors asked him questions about his lifestyle, hoping to understand exactly why the disease was seemingly reversing itself. That’s when the patient revealed that he began using a daily dose of the non-psychoactive CBD oil about two months before the November scan.

He initially took a dose of two drops twice daily for the first two weeks. After that he upped the dosage to nine drops twice per day. There were no other changes in his diet or lifestyle.

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