Mt. Baker Vapor E-Juice Review – Worth a Try

I love whenever I get to try new juices. I also love a line of juices that offers a variety of flavors, and at the same time are cost effective to try them. No one enjoys dropping $25 or more on a bottle of juice that people are raving about, that you are excited to try and then turns out tasting like garbage to you.

On that note, let me tell you about Mt. Baker Vapor. The Mesa, Arizona based company sent me a few flavors to try. As with any review, I check out the company, the products they offer, price and options.

One major plus about Mt. Baker Vapor is that you can get the VG/PG blend that you want with each of their flavors. It’s frustrating when I’m shopping for a new flavor and I see that it’s a 50/50 mix. Personally, I almost always go for max VG. Now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some flavors that I don’t enjoy with a different percentage, but it’s so reassuring to know that this bottle I am dropping money on is going to be how I like it.


The flavors I was sent to try are Hawk Sauce, Forestberry Fusion and Desert Rain, all in the 50/50 VG/PG ratio. I’ll be honest, when I get names that I can’t determine a flavor from, I always look them up. And when I see the word ‘menthol’ I may turn my noise up a tad.

Hawk Sauce is promoted as a blend of “blackberry, raspberry and sweet and sour gummi with a nice menthol finish.” In my head, it all sounded good until I read the menthol part.

But, I changed out my coil and filled up my tank.


Mt. Baker Vapor lived up to their description, and Hawk Sauce had an awesome rich fruity blend, with a hint of cool at the end. “Menthol finish” indeed! Heck, I wouldn’t even call it menthol, it was much more of a cooling sensation that the over powering major menthol taste I am used to. Hawk Sauce by Mt. Baker Vapor lives up to its name. It is strong without being too much, pleasant and a fantastic taste.

Now onto Forestberry Fusion.

Mt. Baker Vapor describes Forestberry Fusion as a “creamy mix of raspberry, blackberry and wild cherry sweetness.” Again, Mt. Baker Vapor nailed this with Forestberry Fusion. I’m not a big cherry fan, because usually it is wicked tart – like pucker your face tart. But when Mt. Baker Vapor promises a cherry sweetness, they deliver. Personally, I would never have thought to blend raspberry, blackberry and wild cherry, but man, does it work. It’s a relatively light flavor, which seems to work well with the blend.

Desert Rain was a new experience as well. Mt. Baker Vapor describes Desert Rain as “kiwi, strawberry and the taste of vanilla bean ice cream.” I have to admit, when I read this I said “huh?” Really three flavors I did not see putting together.

This flavor did not wow me as much as the others. There was all three flavors, and I’d say that it tasted kind of like having a bowl of both kiwi and strawberry, with just a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Now, honestly, I probably wouldn’t have ordered this one myself, because it isn’t flavors that I would normally go after. I’m not a big vanilla fan. But, if these flavors sound good to you, you’ll probably enjoy it. It’s a good, solid flavor.

I mentioned earlier that I normally go for max VG, but I was not overpowered by Mt. Baker Vapor’s 50/50 mix. All three flavors they sent – Hawk Sauce, Forestberry Fusion and Desert Rain – were relatively smooth hits, without having a raw throat at the end.

Mt. Baker Vapor
Mt. Baker Vapor flavors


Now, let’s talk price, remember when I said that nobody likes dropping a good chunk of money on a new juice only to end up with something they hate?

This is another area that Mt. Baker Vapor totally delivers. You can order a 30 ml bottle of Mt. Baker Vapor for $7.99. Can you say score?

So, you can try a variety of flavors for the cost of a single bottle of other brands. You can also customize your VG/PG ratio.



My only real problem with Mt. Baker Vapor is the bottle. It’s a plastic bottle, which doesn’t bother me in the least, but it has a fatter than I’m used to tip. Now, I’m a tank user. I like to be able to put the tip of the bottle, or the dropper, into the tank to fill it. It helps eliminate mess and waste.

I found the ends of these bottles to be kind of a pain to fill my tank with. I ended up with more on the outside than I would have cared for.

If you are a dripper it may not bother you. But, if you love the flavor, you learn to love the bottle too.

Mt. Baker Vapor e-juice bottle
The Mt. Baker Vapor bottle is a bit difficult to deal with.

Bottom line

Overall I would recommend Mt. Baker Vapor. The flavors I tried lived up to their description and were good, solid flavors.

And, best of all, the price point can’t be beat,

If you’re looking for a new juice line to try, look at Mt, Baker Vapor. They offer a number of different flavors that you can order with the nicotine strength and VG/PG you desire. Nothing beats having it made just for you.

The best place to buy Mt. Baker Vapor e-juice is directly from Mt. Baker Vapor. Prices vary.

Don’t forget to check out our list of the best cheap e-juices and best organic e-juices to see how Mt. Baker Vapor stacks up to the competition!

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