Must Watch Video: Truth About Vaping – “Why They Hate Us”

Some people¬†have been confused about why the California Department of Health would take a stand against e-cigarettes, even though vaping is clearly healthier than smoking. Most of us knew that it was about the money, but the specific details on just HOW banning vaping would help California make money haven’t been made clear to the general public. Until now.

Here’s a great new video that explains the cynical financial motivations behind California’s recent “Still Blowing Smoke” anti-vaping campaign.

Yearly payments from Big Tobacco to 46 states directly dependent on how much money Big Tobacco makes….

States spending the money before they get it and selling bonds to Wall Street…

States risking default due to decreasing tobacco sales and increasing e-cigarette sales…

How can they get the money back? Either ban vaping and get people hooked on smoking again or classify vaporizers as tobacco so they can fall under the same agreement that the states have with Big Tobacco.

This appears to be the first episode in a series by a YouTube channel called “The Truth About Vaping”. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more videos like this in the near future.


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