MyBlu Intense Flavors Review – A Great Variety

Now, I admit, I’m a big fan of Blu. If you’ve ever read any of my Blu reviews, then you know I started out with a Blu as my first e-cigarette. Things have changed – a lot – since that first little device that was made to look and feel like a stinky cigarette.

Now, the biggest device from Blu is the MyBlu and they just came out with a rocking new line of flavors. I was sent five flavors in the Intense line and I’ve been impressed with all of them. Each of the flavors is strong and robust, without being over powering.

MyBlu Intense Melon Time

We will start with Melon Time. It’s got a nice, summery feel. It’s described by Blu as “the refreshing flavor of ripe, juicy fruit.” Honestly, I got more honeydew than watermelon, but I’m sure which melon type is was supposed to be.

Either way, it’s a pleasant flavor with no yucky after taste.

myblue intense melon time
MyBlu Intense Melon Time

MyBlu Intense Tobacco Chill

Tobacco Chill is described as a “cooling take on a classic tobacco flavor,” by Blu. It’s not really a menthol, and not really a mint, but does have what I would describe as a cool feel. I liked this one, but it wasn’t a favorite. Definitely vapeable but it didn’t wow me.

myblu intense tobacco chill
MyBlu Intense Tobacco Chill

MyBlu Intense Honeymoon

Now onto Honeymoon. I’ll be honest, I’m no honey fan, nor am I a milk drinker. The idea of putting the two together is not my idea of yum.

But, I know that many people enjoy milk and honey, so if it’s your thing, then you’re gonna like this one. Described by Blu as “rich honey flavor with light exhales of creamy milk” and they seemed to nail it. I could taste both, strongly.

It seemed to nail the mark, but again, it’s not my thing, so I won’t be having any more.

myblu intense honeymoon
MyBlu Intense Honeymoon

MyBlu Intense Citra Zing

Now, Citra Zing, on the other hand, that’s right up my alley and I love it! With just enough of a little citrus tang. It’s a yummy blend and I would recommend it if you’re into a little citrus. I’d say the Blu description of “a taste of sweet with a zing of citrus “is pretty dead on and accurate.

myblu intense citra zing
MyBlu Intense Citra Zing

MyBlu Intense Neon Dream

Neon Dream, that was a favorite of mine too. Honestly, I don’t know how to define it but as a bold taste of pleasant flavors. Blu lists Neon Dream as “fruity and creamy blend to light up your senses.” I would say that fits.

myblu intense neon dream
MyBlu Intense Neon Dream


Now, the MyBlu Intense flavors sell for a dollar more per two pack than the regular MyBlu liquidpods, at $9.99. While I enjoy the new flavors, I don’t know that I think they are work an extra buck a two-pack.

Let me clarify that for a minute, I think they are worth the $9.99 but I don’t see the need to pay more for them than the original MyBlu flavors.

If you haven’t tried the MyBlu yet, you can order the starter pack from the manufacturer. With the starter pack you have everything you need to get started – the MyBlu, the USB charging cable and a Gold Leaf liquidpod. It’s not a bad investment, as the little guy is easy to use, easy to hold and charges in less than half an hour.

I like to keep one around as a backup but something I find myself using it instead of my regular vape. Since it holds its charge for ages, it seems like the MyBlu is always ready to go, which is a selling point for me.

Bottom line, the MyBlu Intense flavors live up to the intense name. They are all bold, strong flavors and there’s a little bit of variety. The best place to buy MyBlu Intense liquid pods is directly from the manufacturer website.

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