Netflix Will Film a Documentary at Upcoming Vape and CBD Convention

  • The VapExpo convention will be held in Las Vegas November 9th-10th
  • A production company will be filming on behalf of Netflix for a documentary series
  • The convention will be combined with the expo in an “epic collaboration between two industries”
  • All of the largest companies in the industry will be in attendance, including Blu and Smok

Netflix will be filming a new multi-episode documentary series at the upcoming VapExpo, to be held in Las Vegas this November 9th and 10th. The convention, which is expected to be one of the biggest e-cig events of the year, is scheduled to take place concurrently with the expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Weed in front of Welcome to Vegas sign
The collaboration between a vape and CBD conference in weed-legal Las Vegas will definitely be interesting.

The Netflix documentary

According to the ticketline for the event, an organization called Zero Point Zero Productions will be filming on behalf of Netflix for an as-yet untitled documentary series.

Please be advised that ZERO POINT ZERO PRODUCTION, INC. is filming scenes and background material in the Las Vegas Convention Center on November 10, 2018, related to the TV production tentatively titled “Untitled New Netflix Doc Show.” If you enter the Las Vegas Vapexpo area, you may appear, and you agree to appear, in this or another production, in any and all media now known or later devised, worldwide, in perpetuity, including in advertisements and promotions. Please do not enter Las Vegas Vapexpo if you do not wish to appear. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

There is no info on when the documentary will be released. Nor is there any information on what the documentary is going to actually be about. The e-cig industry has been in the crosshairs of the media and FDA for the past few months. Hopefully Netflix does right by the vaping community and actually presents a balanced POV.

The convention will feature the biggest names in the cannabidiol business.

What is the VapExpo?

VapExpo is a B2B-only e-cig convention that originally started in Paris, France. This will be their first expansion into the US after having just had their 10th show in Paris. “Their main mission is to just deliver a professional vape show in a pure business setting,” one of the US-based organizers for the event told ECigIntelligence.

Many vape conventions follow a similar format: a day or two of serious business-to-business networking followed by another couple days of absolute chaos. When vape conventions open up to the general public, they tend to devolve into a a circus of giveaways, loud music, vape models, and other non-business related draws. The organizers are hoping to avoid the craziness by focusing purely on the business side of things in Las Vegas this year.

What companies are going to VapExpo?

All of the heavy hitters in the industry will be attending. Representatives from Blu, Smok, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Cosmic Fog Vapors, Mad Hatter Juice, and others will all be in attendance.

The organizers of the event expect that there will be between 12,000 and 15,000 attendees at the VapExpo. There will also be an “international buyer host” program. From the VapExpo website:

“VapExpo will be flying in global distribution leaders for an unforgettable weekend with the hosting brands. It starts with a private breakfast Friday morning with keynote speakers on the latest market trends. This is followed by scheduled meetings with each distributor to review product offerings and learn about their markets.” collaboration

For the first time, this event will be combined with a CBD convention in what is being described as an “epic collaboration of two industries”.

CBD-io said: “The vape industry has been one of the earliest adopters of hemp products, fueling the rapid growth of education and use since its beginning. Partnering with VapExpo facilitates this growth by combining the exhibit space to allow vendors, buyers and affiliates the chance to do business in one central location.”

According to organizers of the event, all of the biggest players in the CBD business will be in attendance. Representatives from Blue Moon and Charlotte’s Web will be there; along with the king of Instagram himself, Dan Bilzerian.

The stages will be set up to deliver live streams of the event to viewers around the world. All of the most prominent figures in the industry will be in attendance and will be discussing the future of this controversial business.

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