New Acting FDA Head Wants to Move “Full Steam Ahead” on Vaping Regulations


Just two weeks into his new position, Dr Stephen Ostroff said yesterday at the 2015 Annual Conference of the Food and Drug Law Institute that the FDA is moving “full speed ahead” on it’s bullshit regulations on vaping.

“We are moving full speed ahead on the proposed deeming rule, which sets the stage for expanding the types of tobacco products that we regulate, including e-cigarettes”, he said.

Even more evil than the fact that he wants to regulate vaping is the disingenuous way that he justifies it: You guessed it, the old “think of the children” argument. He’s using the results from the recent survey that show a threefold increase in the amount of teenagers who smoke as justification for the regulations to take effect.

“Data released last week from the National Youth Tobacco Survey showing dramatic increases in reported use of e-cigarettes is a cogent reminder of just how important the deeming rule is” , Ostroff said.

Of course, he neglected to mention the fact that this increase coincides with the lowest rates of teen smoking ever reported. But why let something like facts get in the way of your bullshit, right?

It would be interesting to see if someone could follow the money and find out exactly who is behind the FDA’s crusade to regulate vaping. Just like the vaping community found out the evil financial motivations behind California’s anti-vaping propaganda, I’m sure someone could figure out who’s behind this bullshit.

After all, it’s no secret that both tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies have been losing money ever since vaping became mainstream…



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