New Lawsuit Filed Over Exploding E-Cigarette

A photo of Evan Spahlinger in the hospital
A photo of Evan Spahlinger in the hospital

Isn’t living in America great? Not only are you free to be a dumbass, but now you can even be financially compensated for your own fuckups.

While I have sympathy for all of these people who have been injured by exploding mechanical mods and lithium-ion battery fires, my sympathy ends when they partake in the national pastime of suing the fuck out of everyone in an attempt to get rich quick.

A Fort-Lauderdale personal injury firm has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Evan Spahlinger on Tuesday. The suit has been filed against both the manufacturer of the device, Vaping American Made Products, as well as the retailer, Vaping Station. The lawsuit claims that the manufacturer should have warned its consumers of the risk and designed the product in a way that prevented the device from overheating, and it claims that the retailer sold a dangerous product and failed to warn customers of the risk associated with the device.

The lawsuit claims that Spahlinger was hit in the face with “shrapnel-like debris” when his Rig Mod V2 exploded, causing him “to inhale flames, smoke and scorching hot air.” It also claims that he almost suffocated from internal burns and was hooked up to a ventilator in a Miami hospital for several days.

Of course, the vulture-like lawyers seized on the current hysteria about vaping regulations in their lawsuit. It claims that e-cigs are sold in the following manner:

“an untested and unsafe condition, and will continue to cause injuries unless and until those responsible are held accountable.”

“This industry presents lucrative business opportunities in an unregulated environment, and consumers are being hurt as a result,”

It seems that it also presents an extremely lucrative business opportunity for scumbag lawyers.

Neither the manufacturer nor the retailer have officially responded to the lawsuit.

While I believe that manufacturers and retailers should help educate customers about the risks involved with mechanical mods, I don’t think that it absolves consumers of the responsibility of doing their own due diligence. Why the fuck would you buy something and start inhaling it without researching every aspect of it? Why would you assume that you can do whatever you want with an unprotected battery? I really don’t want to live in a world where idiots looking to “get rich quick” can cripple entire industries based on their own incompetence.

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