New Truth About Vaping Video is Absolute Garbage and Makes Vapers Look Like Retards

So the Truth About Vaping video series is meant to debunk the misleading claims made by anti-vaping propaganda. The awesome first video in the series, “Why They Hate Us” explained the sinister financial motivations behind the recent state and local vaping regulations. I can’t recommend that video enough. Seriously, go watch it right now if you haven’t.

So I was pretty stoked when I saw that there was a second video. Until I watched it. The video is called “The Nicotine Misconception” and cherry picks data in a bizarre attempt to claim that nicotine is not addictive.

The following is an actual quote from the actual video. (Seriously, I couldn’t make this up if I tried):

“We’ve heard evidence that nicotine may not be overtly addictive, and this theory is supported by the evidence that many electronic cigarette users reduce or completely eliminate their nicotine levels over time.”

Oh wow! There’s evidence! Vapers are so not addicted to nicotine that they can gradually eliminate it from their lives, aka tapering it off, aka the method that addicts use to slowly wean themselves off of any type of drug.

If you want to see why regular people think vapers are completely retarded, check out the circlejerk in the comment section on the video. Do none of you have critical thinking skills?

I understand that when you strongly identify yourself as being part of a group that is under attack, your natural instinct is to blindly support anyone who is on your side. But this video does not help our case at all. Just because the people who want to ban vaping take liberties with the facts doesn’t mean that we have to.

Hopefully the next Truth About Vaping video is as good as the first, because this one was garbage.

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