The US House of Representatives passed the SAFE Act Cannabis Banking Bill

House Passes SAFE Act Cannabis Banking Bill

Could toxic fumes like these cause vaping injuries?

Vaping Injuries Caused By Toxic Fumes

Neon JUUL sign at night against dark background

Juul CEO Resigns, Company Stops All Ads

Op-Ed: A vaping ban would be ineffective and unfair

Op-Ed: A Vaping Ban is Pointless, Dangerous

Updates on the vape ban

Vape Ban 2019: Legal Edition

Oil filled cells found in lungs of people with vaping illness

Fat-Laden Lung Cells Sign of Vaping Illness

Trump administration bans flavored e-cigarettes

Trump Flavored Vape Ban Nationwide

Vaping panic is hurting Americans, but the panic has not hit the UK or Canada--why?

Vaping Panic 2019: Limited to the US

Juul C1 bluetooth vape

Juul launches C1: Bluetooth E-cigarette

E-cigarette flavors may hurt your lungs

E-Cigarette Flavors May Hurt Your Lungs