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Top 10 Hottest Vape Girls on Instagram: The Vape Models You Should Follow Now

Instagram vape model

Need some new vape models to follow on Instagram? We put together this list of the hottest and most popular vape girls to help you decide which ones to follow. All of the models in this list keep their Instagram updated on a regular basis with vaping-related photos. Don’t just …

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South Park Just Came Up With This Hilarious New Nickname for Vapes

south park tegridy farms episode

The newest episode of South Park absolutely savaged vaping culture in Tegridy Farms, the latest episode of the hilarious series. In the episode that aired last week, Cartman and Butters decide to create a vaping syndicate to sell vapes to the kinder-gardeners at South Park Elementary. Kyle is, of course, upset …

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Follow Vapor Vanity on Instagram and YouTube!


Vapor Vanity YouTube Channel Subscribe to the Vapor Vanity YouTube channel to get the latest vaping news and reviews in video format. All the latest breaking news in five minutes or less for those times when you’re just too busy to read our articles. Vapor Vanity Instagram Our Instagram page …

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Vape Juice or Unapproved Drug? Officials Respond to Claims of Erectile Dysfunction E-Liquid


On October 11th, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to Chinese vape product manufacturer, HelloCig, about the contents of their products. HelloCig has 15 days to respond to the letter. If not, they face further action “such as seizure or injunction,” the agency claims. USA Today first …

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Juul Battles Newest Chinese Copycat Vapes

counterfeit juuls

Juul has asked regulators to step in and stop 18 companies from selling products that allegedly infringe on Juul’s patents, CNBC reports. Last Wednesday, the e-cigarette giant filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC). Juul Labs claims Chinese copycats “blatantly emulated the distinctive design” of their pod vape …

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Washington State Just Banned These Cannabis Infused Treats

every day optimal cbd gummies bottles

This week, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) made a big decision for cannabis product manufacturers and retailers. The state board banned cannabis infused gummies, hard candies, and other brightly colored, sweet products. Retailers can sell their current inventory until gone, or must remove it from shelves in …

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FDA Made Surprise Visit to Juul HQ – What Did They Want?

Juul product photo

Last Friday, the FDA made a surprise visit to Juul Labs headquarters in California, multiple outlets report. The agency seized over one thousand documents. They were interested in examining the pen vape company’s marketing processes in the wake of ‘epidemic’ teen use. The FDA’s concern stems largely from what the …

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University Vape Study Funded By FDA – What Are They Looking to Prove?

scientific study

The University of Southern California announced receipt of a $17.8 million dollar federal grant to study tobacco marketing and addiction. The USC Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science (TCORS) researchers, part of USC’s Keck School of Medicine, will focus predominantly on how younger generations use and are affected by electronic nicotine …

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Vape Products Affected By New San Antonio City Rules

vaping age

Tobacco retailers in San Antonio, Texas prepare for a new city ordinance effective October 1st. Starting next week, the legal age to purchase tobacco products goes from 18 years up to 21, local press reports. The ordinance is appropriately called ‘Tobacco 21.’ Under FDA classification, e-cigarettes and pod vapes, available …

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New Alliances in Vape Industry Could Mean Global Regulation


The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) announced in a press release that it will join the North American Vapor Alliance (NAVA). These organizations, as a joint venture, will help to build and vie for a comprehensive regulatory framework for vape products across North American borders and abroad. NAVA currently is …

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Is the IQOS Coming to US? Researchers Advise Against with New Evidence

iqos heat-not-burn device

Philip Morris International’s (PMI) prominent Heat-Not-Burn device, the IQOS, may not reduce harm enough to be considered for MRTP status by the FDA, Reuters reports. PMI submitted their own research data to the FDA for review earlier this year. The tobacco company sought for their I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking (IQOS) device to earn …

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Video Games and Instagram: The FDA’s Newest – and Ironic – Anti-Vape Tools for Teens

fda logo

Tuesday, The FDA launched an anti-vaping campaign similar to the all-too-familiar anti-smoking campaigns of old. ‘The Real Cost’ is the long-standing tobacco awareness program by the federal agency. But, as of this week, their materials include targeted messages about the dangers of vapes as well. The agency uses a browser-based …

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Is Coca-Cola Making a CBD Drink?

coca cola bottles

Coca-Cola may set its sights on CBD-infused drinks, BNN Bloomberg reported this week. “We no interest in marijuana or cannabis,” the company claimed in a statement on Monday. Then, they proceeded to undermine their own statement. Coca-Cola is allegedly ‘in talks’ with Canadian cannabis manufacturer, Aurora Cannabis, to consider a …

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Vaping Cannabis Comes to NJ

welcome to new jersey sign

The state of New Jersey recently changed medical cannabis legislation for the better, local reports announced. The state now allows dispensaries to carry THC vape cartridges previously outlawed. Dispensaries were previously only authorized to sell topical applications, cannabis flower, and oral lozenges. Since the waiver, two providers have already applied …

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Approved Cannabidiol Drug Could Mean Bad News for Supplement Market


Cannabidiol supplements have been on the market for a number of years now. The supplement has taken various forms: oils, tinctures, edibles, and even lotions and other topical applications. The CBD trend rises the more research suggests that this non-psychoactive cannabis component counters struggles like anxiety and depression. CBD is …

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Holy Shit Jordan Peterson is a Cloud Chaser! Here’s the Video.

Jordan B Peterson blowing a cloud

While the rest of the world has been freaking out about Elon Musk taking a hit off of a blunt with Joe Rogan, Jordan B. Peterson was busy blowing fat clouds. The internationally famous Canadian clinical psychologist and professor has exploded in popularity thanks to his YouTube channel and his …

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US Border Patrol Will Issue Lifetime Bans to Canadian Cannabis Users

Man holding broken joint

Canada will legalize retail cannabis sale on October 17th this year. Our neighbor to the north is the first developed nation to have such lax cannabis laws. The industry is projected to boom over the coming years following their decision. As such, many have flocked to the already growing private …

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FDA Commissioner Threatens Vape Industry in Wake of ‘Epidemic’ Proportion of Teen Use

fda logo

On Wednesday, The FDA announced its most bold and stringent regulatory actions to date for the vape industry. The agency released an official statement on their website, much of which echoed sentiments made by commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, in a speech the same day. The speech is also available on the …

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It’s 2018 and Americans Still Think Vaping is as Bad as Smoking

skeleton smoking

Recent survey data suggest a rise in the proportion of Americans who believe e-cigarettes are as or more dangerous than combustible cigarettes. Two separate surveys conducted show similar results in the US perception of e-cigarettes and nicotine in general. The perception among those surveyed is largely negative. Let’s Go to …

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New Research Shows Why Free Vapes Help Smokers Quit


A new, peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health documented quitting habits of 72 UK smokers, using vapes, over a 90 day period. At the end of the 3-month period, researchers reported that 37% of trial participants had given up smoking combustible cigarettes. The Numbers …

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A Year Later, No Progress in FDA Tobacco Plan

fda logo

The FDA is being criticized for its seemingly null progress on revised tobacco and nicotine regulations announced a year ago. In a scathing editorial by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Michelle Minton called out “the agency’s own cumbersome product approval process” as the biggest reason their regulatory efforts have failed. When …

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EPIC FAIL: Robber Drops Gun and Pants Fall Off When He Tries to Rob an E-Cig Store

vape shop robber loses pants

In what might be the biggest robbery fail in human history, a man tried to rob an Aurora, CO vape shop at gunpoint. Things didn’t go exactly the way he planned, however. As soon as he pulled out his gun (which was later determined to be an airsoft pellet gun) after …

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Juul Explains Bluetooth Feature at San Francisco Tech Conference

juul with pods

TechCrunch reports e-cigarette market leader, Juul, officially announced new technologies their devices will feature in the US Market in 2019, pending FDA approval. Vapor Vanity has written on the future of Juul tech before, but this year’s Disrupt saw Chief Product Officer James Monsees offer more concrete details about what …

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Watch: Elon Musk Smokes Weed Live on the Joe Rogan Experience

Elon Musk smoking weed on the JRE podcast

During a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Elon Musk decided to spark up a blunt and get high. The wide-ranging interview covered his ideas about artificial intelligence, the lifespan of the universe, the nature of reality and more. He also discussed his difficulties with running his companies …

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US-Canadian Vape Associations Team Up to Tackle Regulation Issues

Canadian and US flags

This week, Business Wire reported that the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) and the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) announced a combined effort to revamp vape e-liquid regulatory standards and practices. They dubbed the joint venture the North American Vapor Alliance (NAVA). AEMSA President Scott Eley and CVA President Shaun …

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Juul Launches in Canada

canadian flag

Juul plans to officially launch in Canada this month, according to a recent press release. The vape industry giant, recently reported by Neilsen and Wells Fargo as holding 72% market share, announced products will be available for sale in Canada in September. Convenience stores and vape shops across the country …

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Did Ohio Really Just Ban CBD?


CBD products are available in stores and online in most states across the US. CBD is offered in vape juices and edibles for sufferers of myriad problems, including anxiety, depression, and even epilepsy. This year, the FDA approved the first CBD medication for rare forms of epilepsy in children. Even …

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