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Do We Recycle Vapes?

vape recycling

We have all done it, scraped as much peanut butter or mayonnaise as possible out of the jar, and then simply tossed the smelly, cruddy jar into the recycling. Someone must clean that before it goes through, we may think to ourselves. No. No one does. Recycling centers often do …

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Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Busts ‘Fake Weed’ Vape Juice Dealers

weed lounge

Mississippi authorities recently arrested a number of smoke shop employees for selling illegal vape products, Clarion Ledger reports. Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) Director, John Dowdy, confirmed seizure of over 24,000 units of products commonly referred to as “spice.” Unlike the crumbling plant matter in airtight pouches, however, MBN reported …

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Study Finds Vapor Leaves Air Unchanged


A recent study found e-cigarette vapor particles dissipate from the air in a room in a matter of seconds, compared to combustible cigarette smoke. Researchers from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, ETH Zurich, and Fontem Ventures (of Blu e-cigarettes) collaborated …

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Study Connects Teen Vape, Cannabis Use

cannabis e-cigarette

Researchers from the Universities of Pennsylvania and Southern California recently conducted a longitudinal study on adolescent nicotine and cannabis use. Teens who vape or smoke hookah are up to four times more likely to use cannabis later, the study found. Results were published in the journal, Pediatrics. In fall of …

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Vapers Outnumber Smokers in American Millenials


Of late, vaping has skyrocketed in the US market. Juul has overtaken 60% of the market share on e-cigarette and vape device sales. Researchers continue to study and argue for the positive effects of vape use, compared to smoking conventional cigarettes. Even celebrity endorsements and signature product lines are in …

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Juul Will Release Lower Nicotine Pods


About a week ago, Juul Labs – the world’s most popular electronic cigarette brand currently holding over 60% market share – made an announcement to further drive their namesake device into the hands of many of those looking to trade traditional smoking for something more modern. Juul Labs is bringing …

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