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New Bill in Montana Threatens Vape Shops’ Ability to Offer This Popular Experience

vape shop

Local governments all over the US have been drawing up legislation on vapes the last few years. Most laws are restrictive and precautious. Communities worry about their kids; businesses worry about vape clouds filling the rooms. One Montana county responded to the vaping trend with a progressive approach to its …

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Surprise! The CDC Randomly Inspected 59 Vape Shops. Here are Their Findings.


The CDC released its findings after conducting surprise inspections of 59 vape shops in late 2016. Inspections looked at retail and manufacturing practices and whether businesses knew of and followed FDA regulations. Only one business was a standalone manufacturer; 31 other businesses inspected were retailers and 27 had some mix …

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Big Tobacco is Paying Social Media Influencers to Promote Their Products: Here’s How They Got Caught

thank you for smoking

Major tobacco companies have undergone large scale changes over the last decade, having to shift their research and development focus to smoking alternatives over the traditional combustible cigarette. Philip Morris International (PMI) even launched an advertising campaign this year with the tagline “We want to give up smoking.“ PMI claimed …

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Israel Set to Ban Juul Products: Here’s How Juul Responded


Earlier this month, Juul Labs announced a new model of their flagship pod vape device, complete with bluetooth connectivity and electronic security measures. Due to restrictive new FDA oversight on ENDS being introduced to the US market, Juul initially opted to test the device in more lax European Markets, and …

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Vape Companies Are Pulling ‘Kid-Friendly’ Flavors Off the Market

fda logo

Last week, FDA Director Scott Gottlieb announced seventeen different vape juice companies will stop selling flavors the agency was worried were ‘kid-friendly.’ The decision comes after warning letters the FDA issued to businesses earlier this year. The director acknowledged the agency’s support of vaping for adult users, saying instead their …

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Denver Gets a BYOC Pot Lounge

weed lounge

A new cannabis-oriented business is coming to Denver, Colorado this fall, local news outlets report. Taylor Rosean and Megan Lumpkins recently announced their business, Vape and Play, was approved for a social consumption license. The vape lounge anticipates opening in November, having rented and renovated an old auto parts store …

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Fire-Safe Vape Batteries Could Be In Our Future


Scientists from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) discovered a new chemical recipe that could reduce the chance of lithium-ion batteries catching fire, Ars Technica reports. ORNL Physicist Gabriel Veith is concerned manufacturers may be unwilling to overhaul production to include non-flammable solid electrodes. In response, Veith said he and his …

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Apparently School Vape Detectors are a Thing, and They Just Got Some Sweet Upgrades

teen vaping

Media outlets continue to report on the so-called epidemic that is teen vaping. Even we covered it this year. It seems clandestine vaping in schools has gotten so out of control, a company developed technology to detect and alert school administration of vaping on the premises, among other increasing problems …

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Long Awaited CBD Study Reveals Promising Results – And Groundbreaking FDA Approval

scientific study

Findings from the 2015 landmark study on Cannabidol (CBD) have finally been released, and the results look promising. The study, which was conducted at the south’s research powerhouse, University of Alabama at Birmingham, was published in the journal, Epilepsy and Behavior. It focused on 72 children and 60 adults, all …

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Does Weight Gain from Quitting Outweigh Risk of Smoking?

Blue human body

When one quits smoking, the first concern is usually, “I know I’ll gain weight.” While this in itself is certainly no reason to postpone dropping a bad habit, the correlation with developing diabetes left many quitters hesitant. What do the studies say? However, a new study shows the risk of …

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Secondhand Smoke Associated With Autoimmune Disease in Children

effects of smoking on dna

A new study released in the journal, Rheumatology, reveals there may be a link between autoimmune disease and those exposed to secondhand smoke as children. Several studies have already linked smokers’ habits to higher incidents of autoimmune disease, particularly Rheumatoid Arthritis, but few have sought to establish a link with …

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Will the “Trade War” Affect Your Vaping Habit? Here’s What the Experts Think

trade war

As you likely know, the Trump administration has been in a battle of tariffs with China in recent weeks. Could this trade war affect your vaping habit? Experts seem to think so. The administration’s threat to impose 25 percent tariffs on $200 billion worth of products imported from China would …

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Here’s Why You’ll Soon be Able to Buy CBD Products at Gas Stations

CBD oil

Golden Developing Solutions, Inc. announced today a purchase order for CBD oils from “a major distributor…of Snack Foods and Accessories to the Convenience and Gas Station Market.” This announcement comes only two months after the launch of PuraVidaVitamins.com. Pura Vida Vitamins, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Developing …

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This Reason is Why the UK May End Ban on Vaping in Public

vape ban uk

A UK science and technology committee recently advised Parliament to lessen vaping restrictions, The Times first reported today. Currently, The UK restricts vaping in various public or common spaces. Like smoking, vaping is off limits in places like buses, trains, and mental health facilities. The committee warns that legislating vapes …

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UK Study Suggests Vapor Inflames Lungs, Recommends Cautious Use

scientific study

New research suggests e-cigarette vapor causes inflamed cells in the lung, BBC News reports. Dr. David Thickett, of the University of Birmingham in the UK, and his team, published their unique, small study in the journal Thorax this month. They say prior studies focused on e-cigarette liquid before being vaped. …

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CBD Boutiques Dissociate from Head Shops, Attract Specific Clientele


CBD product sales are up. This year, the FDA approved a CBD oil drug to treat infantile epilepsy. State legislators adapt or write drug bills to address mounting evidence that cannabidiol provides medicinal remedy for a broad spectrum of ailments. Depression, anxiety, arthritis, and even cancer are some of the …

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Do We Recycle Vapes?

vape recycling

We have all done it, scraped as much peanut butter or mayonnaise as possible out of the jar, and then simply tossed the smelly, cruddy jar into the recycling. Someone must clean that before it goes through, we may think to ourselves. No. No one does. Recycling centers often do …

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Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Busts ‘Fake Weed’ Vape Juice Dealers

weed lounge

Mississippi authorities recently arrested a number of smoke shop employees for selling illegal vape products, Clarion Ledger reports. Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) Director, John Dowdy, confirmed seizure of over 24,000 units of products commonly referred to as “spice.” Unlike the crumbling plant matter in airtight pouches, however, MBN reported …

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Study Finds Vapor Leaves Air Unchanged


A recent study found e-cigarette vapor particles dissipate from the air in a room in a matter of seconds, compared to combustible cigarette smoke. Researchers from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, ETH Zurich, and Fontem Ventures (of Blu e-cigarettes) collaborated …

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Nicotine Warning Label Law Takes Effect August 10

fda logo

Vape juice contains nicotine, typically. Most of us are well aware, since we mostly use vapes to quit or augment a cigarette habit. Research continues to suggest vaping is less harmful than smoking combustible cigarettes, so we vape. We also get the benefit in vaping various flavored liquids, since the …

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Florida’s Medicinal Marijuana Laws Keep Vapes Front and Center

florida marijuana

In 2017, Florida became the first state in the south to pass medicinal marijuana legislation of its kind. While states such as Alabama had passed strict CBD legislation for those with certain conditions, no southern state had legalized marijuana itself in any form. The nation, of course, was shocked. The …

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Study Connects Teen Vape, Cannabis Use

cannabis e-cigarette

Researchers from the Universities of Pennsylvania and Southern California recently conducted a longitudinal study on adolescent nicotine and cannabis use. Teens who vape or smoke hookah are up to four times more likely to use cannabis later, the study found. Results were published in the journal, Pediatrics. In fall of …

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Juul To Introduce New Advanced Devices, Bluetooth Features

Juul with pods

The Juul brand pod vape continues to make headlines in major vaping industry news. Juul Labs Inc. retains well over half the market share of US vape sales, despite consistent media controversy and increased localized scrutiny around the US. Juul executives must be familiar with Spiderman, acting on Uncle Ben’s …

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Study Finds Specific E-Juice Flavors Affect Blood Vessels

circulatory system

Smoking tastes disgusting. Menthol cigarettes are perhaps the compromise to that point. Even so, menthol cigarettes are still cigarettes, and thus, are disgusting. As cessation techniques go, using a vape to transition from or quit smoking tastes better. Sure, there are tobacco-flavored vape juices. I’ve already expressed my thoughts on …

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South African Officials Disapprove of Big Tobacco Buying Local Vape Chain

thumbs down

British American Tobacco has sought purchase of the South African vape company, Twisp. While the transaction initiated in January, the merger has still not been approved by the South African Competition Tribunal. On July 26th, a South African Competition Commission issued a statement disapproving of the merger. The Commission cited …

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Vapers Outnumber Smokers in American Millenials


Of late, vaping has skyrocketed in the US market. Juul has overtaken 60% of the market share on e-cigarette and vape device sales. Researchers continue to study and argue for the positive effects of vape use, compared to smoking conventional cigarettes. Even celebrity endorsements and signature product lines are in …

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Joe Rogan on Juul Lawsuit: “You Fucking Babies, Just Stop”

joe rogan juul

On a recent episode of Joe Rogan’s MMA show, the conversation with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen turned to e-cigarettes. Joe wasn’t too impressed when he found out about the recent lawsuit by Juul users alleging that the company got them hooked on nicotine. He had the following to say …

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Juul Will Release Lower Nicotine Pods


About a week ago, Juul Labs – the world’s most popular electronic cigarette brand currently holding over 60% market share – made an announcement to further drive their namesake device into the hands of many of those looking to trade traditional smoking for something more modern. Juul Labs is bringing …

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