Best Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are by far the best possible way to vape. You get the delicious flavors that e-juice is known for in a highly concentrated formulation. The best nicotine salt e-liquid is Yami Vapor.

If you’re ready to get your vape on, picking any one of these incredible brands will give you exactly what you’re looking for. The VaporVanity editorial team has verified that these are some of the best nicotine salts on the market today, so you can rest easy knowing that as long as you choose from this list, any decision that you make is certainly going to be a good one.

#1. Yami Salt by Yami Vapor – Our Favorite

Yami Vapor is one of the most reputable brands of premium e-juice in the world. Their line of stunning, mouth-watering flavors have earned them a stellar reputation in the vaping community.

Now they’ve brought their flavor-crafting expertise to the nic salt world with their all-new Yami Salt line of premium e-liquids. Now you can enjoy the smooth vapor and rapid nicotine absorption of nicotine salts combined with the award-winning Yami Vapor flavors.

yami salt
Yami Salt by Yami Vapor

#2. BOHO Nic Salt by BOHO Vape

Featuring some of the best sweet and tart flavors in the world, BOHO vape is legendary for their dedication to creating expertly-crafted flavors that have vapers coming back again and again.

Their new line of nicotine salts is just as delightful as their normal e-juice lineup. Available in 30ml bottles, this highly-affordable brand is a great way to get started with vaping nicotine salts.

BOHO Nic Salts by BOHO Vape

#3. Halo Ultra Salts by Tribeca

Halo Ultra Salts offers a lineup of smooth, realistic flavors that are great for refilling your favorite pod-based vape devices.

Available in both 25mg and 50mg variants, Halo Ultra Salts are the ultimate choice when it comes to salt-based nicotine e-juices. If you’re looking for the cheap stuff, look elsewhere. Halo Ultra Salts is a premium e-juice and it’s priced like one. But if you’re the type of vaper who likes the very best then this is the brand for you.

Halo Ultra Salts

What is nicotine salt?

Nicotine salt refers to the type of nicotine that is present in tobacco leaves. The normal liquid nicotine that is found in most e-juices is a pure variant, without any extra additives. Nicotine salt, by contrast, contains the nicotine plus other organic compounds that are present in the tobacco plant.

The pure nicotine that is used in most e-juices is also known as freebase nicotine. It is highly volatile which makes it excellent for vaping since it isn’t bonded to any other chemicals.

So why are companies beginning to use nicotine salt in their e-juices?

Even though freebase nicotine is generally considered easier to vape, some companies have found that by adding benzoic acid to their nicotine salts that they can get nicotine levels comparable to freebase nicotine with the added benefits of nicotine salts.

What are those benefits?

what is nicotine salt?
What is nicotine salt?

What are the benefits of nicotine salt?

Let’s get straight to the point: Using nicotine salts instead of normal e-juice will give you a much different experience. Whether the benefits are worth it or not is up to your own unique preferences. Here are some of the common reasons that people decide to start vaping nicotine salts:

  • Nicotine salts last longer – Since nicotine salts are much more stable than freebase nicotine, you’ll get a much longer shelf life out of your e-liquid. If you like to make your e-juice last, then nicotine salts are a great choice.
  • You’ll get nicotine into your blood quicker – Many vapers have reported that they feel the effects of nicotine much quicker when using nicotine salts.
  • You can use a less-powerful vape – Since nicotine salts are more efficient at delivering nicotine to your system, you won’t need some monstrous quad-18650 box mod. A smaller, simpler pod-based device (like the Juul) will do the trick.
  • The vapor is less harsh – Nicotine salts, in the formulation that some companies use, can help lower the pH balance of your e-juice. This will give you a smoother vapor than normal e-liquids.
benefits nicotine salt
What are the benefits of nicotine salts?

Is nicotine salt safe?

The reality is that nicotine salt is going to have a very similar effect on your body as normal freebase nicotine. You might absorb it quicker but the end result is the same.

Whether you vape freebase nicotine or nicotine salts, you’re going to be inhaling a lot less harmful chemicals than you would with a traditional cigarette. While the jury is still out on the health effects of vaping, it’s important to note that you’ll be inhaling much less vapor when using nicotine salts (due to the fact that you can absorb more of the nicotine) so if you’re concerned about the potential negative health effects of vaping then nicotine salts can possibly help reduce your risk.

Is nicotine salt safe?

What is the best nicotine salt?

  1. Yami Salt by Yami Vapor
  2. BOHO Nic Salt by BOHO Vape
  3. Halo Ultra Salts by Tribeca

Our editorial team here at VaporVanity has hand-selected each product on this list according to a variety of different factors. We’ve ranked them according to potency, price, flavoring, ease of use, packaging, and a variety of other qualities. As long as you pick one of the nic salts that we’ve chosen on this list, you know that you’re getting a high-quality product that is well-worth the money.

Which nicotine salt did you choose?

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