OBS Engine RTA Review

OBS Engine RTA contents
The contents of the OBS Engine RTA.


Vaping technology has been growing at an exponential rate over the past few years, and it’s becoming harder and harder every day for manufacturers to create something that will stand out in this super-crowded industry. The RTA market in particular has been growing faster than any other category of vaping product out there, and for good reason. RTAs give you the best of both worlds: the ease of use and convenience of a sub-ohm tank with the customization of an RDA. OBS has decided to enter this saturated market with their Engine RTA, a  5.2ml behemoth of a tank.

Is the OBS Engine RTA worth the money? Is it much better than the plethora of other RTAs out there? Let’s find out.

OBS Engine RTA.
This thing is built like a tank, with a huge 5.2ml capacity.


Ok, so the OBS Engine RTA is a 5.2ml tank. Obviously this tank is enormous. I set it on the table next to some of my smaller tanks that only have a standard 2ml capacity and it was like parking a Ford F350 next to a Smart Car. If you’re someone who prefers the appearance of a smaller sized tank or if you don’t feel the need to carry around that much e-juice in your tank, you may want to look elsewhere. The beefy size of this thing also adds a little bit more weight to it. I personally like the hefty nature of this thing, it makes it feel like a true premium product and, worst case scenario, you can unscrew it an throw it at someone in an emergency self-defense situation (jk, but seriously this thing is huge).

The stainless steel and glass construction feels solid. The metal portion on the inside of the tank seems to be designed with a “window frame” type of appearance that looks trendy and futuristic. The only plastic portion is the black mouthpiece, which feels solid and has survived several accidental drops.  I’m definitely a massive fan of the rugged and futuristic design aesthetic on the OBS Engine. This tank is gorgeous.

OBS Engine RTA instructions
The detailed instruction guide is great for beginners.


As I previously mentioned, the OBS Engine is a beast of a tank. It measures in at 25mm diameter and 54.5mm height, 5.2ml capacity, and 42g weight. The deck measures in at 17mm, so you definitely have plenty of room for rebuilding.

OBS Engine rTA coils
Coils for the OBS Engine, included in the box.

The coolest aspect of the OBS Engine doesn’t come from any of the boring technical specifications, but from the fact that it simply DOESN’T LEAK. As anyone who has experience with RTA’s can attest, most of them leak like a motherfucker. They leak out of the bottom. They leak out of the top airflow holes. Some of them even find a way to leak liquid out of the mouthpiece. Not the OBS Engine. I vaped from a bunch of different postions, even tossed this thing up in the air a few times and took a hit off of it and received no leakage whatsoever. This fact alone more than justifies the $29 price tag.

The OBS Engine is a side-fill tank. Simply slide up the cap located right underneath the airholes and you’ll have access to the filling ports. This sliding cap does an excellent job of sealing up after you fill your tank, which definitely helps with the aforementioned lack of leaking.

The airflow holes are located directly above the side filling ports. I found that they gave a phenomenal amount of airflow.

The POM drip tip is the only plastic portion of this RTA. While it may not be made out of metal like the rest of the tank, it feels solid and it’s quite comfortable. No downsides here.

The included instruction manual shows how far you can break down the OBS Engine for easy cleaning. For the most part this is self-explanatory, but it’s cool that they provide visual instructions for beginners or less mechanically inclined folks. The only true downside to the OBS Engine is that the top portion (where the filling holes are located) doesn’t completely come apart. Not a huge deal, but I wish that it could be broken down further.

The deck is built in to the bottom portion of the RTA. One of my pet peeves with vaping is that most build decks seem like they were designed for people with midget fingers. As a full-sized grown ass man my fingers aren’t delicate

OBS Engine RTA instructions.
Disassembly instructions.

and nimble enough to easily rebuild most decks. This one, on the other hand, seemed like it was laid out in a more intuitive manner and had more space. I was able to build this deck without the usual frustration, so that’s a major plus in my book. The instruction manual includes a step-by-step guide for how to use the OBS Engine, which is really cool. Another one of the things that annoys me the most about the vaping industry is that most products are not beginner friendly and assume that you’re already an advanced vaper. It seems like OBS has been made aware that beginners might want to use their products too, and this guide should help you out if you’re just getting started.

What’s in the Box!?

You’ll receive the complete OBS Engine RTA, a replacement glass pyrex tank, surpisingly high-quality clapton coils, organic cotton, and an allen screwdriver.

Bottom Line

The OBS Engine is easily one of the best RTA’s that I’ve ever used. The high-quality engineering, beginner friendly design, and most importantly; the lack of leakage makes this well worth the price tag.

Buy the OBS Engine for $29.90 at HeavenGifts.com.

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