October Vape News Roundup: What You May Have Missed Last Month

October 2018 was a crazy month in the world of vaping. The month started off pretty crazy when the FDA raided Juul’s HQ. A company began offering erectile dysfunction e-liquid, and regulators weren’t pleased. South Park came up with a ridiculous new nickname for vape pens. Altria tried to avoid Juul’s fate by pulling some brands off the market. Juul ended the month by turning their back on the vape reviewer community and canceling their affiliate program.

That’s just a sampling of the exciting stuff that happened last month in the vaping community. Read our list below to get up to date on everything that happened in October. We’re definitely excited to find out what November has in store!

News you may have missed on Vapor Vanity last month

Russell Brand vaping the double barrel in Ballers
Are you rich enough to afford this $100k vape?

Reviews you may have missed on Vapor Vanity last month

salt of the earth all flavors
Is Salt of the Earth worth the money?

Guides you may have missed

Check out our FDA regulations checklist to make sure your vape shop is in compliance.

What was the most interesting news story you read last month? Sound off in the comments section and let us know! You can also view the news you missed back in September here.

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