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Pods or Mods?

juul with pods

We often find people asking us the question, “what would be a better system to use; a refillable tank and mod system or a pod device that requires replacement cartridges?” There are some pros and cons to using each device, but we believe it is better to use a Mod …

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The Evolution of Vaping and Nicotine

Nicotine salts

Traditionally; nicotine was administered through burning tobacco leaf in pipes, cigarettes or cigars. As far as nicotine replacement goes, there have been a few options on the market for a while now including the likes of gum and patches. Since 2003, there’s a new way to get a nicotine fix …

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Video Games and Instagram: The FDA’s Newest – and Ironic – Anti-Vape Tools for Teens

fda logo

Tuesday, The FDA launched an anti-vaping campaign similar to the all-too-familiar anti-smoking campaigns of old. ‘The Real Cost’ is the long-standing tobacco awareness program by the federal agency. But, as of this week, their materials include targeted messages about the dangers of vapes as well. The agency uses a browser-based …

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A New Arizer Vaporizer Coming Soon

Arizer products

Canadian manufacturer Arizer has quietly become one of the market leaders for vaporizers, known for producing high-quality pieces of hardware that implement the latest vaping technology. As a result, the Arizer vaporizer range are among the best-selling vapes, with notable models including the Arizer Solo 2, Arizer Air 2, and …

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CBD Vape Juice: The Future of Medical Cannabis

KOI CBD on shelf

I’m sure you all remember in the 1999 sci-fi thriller ‘The Matrix’ how the two main characters (Neo and Trinity) could learn difficult skills like kung-fu and piloting a military helicopter within a matter of seconds, only by having a specific program uploaded to their minds. A future where specially-tailored …

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Be a Positive Vape Influence

positive vape influence

Vaping is an adult activity. It’s been legislated, enforced, and is general industry knowledge across the board. Manufacturers have a legal obligation to manufacture and label their products appropriately, given the specific health risks of their use. Retailers and even vaping websites are required to ID their visitors one way …

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Who is Responsible for Young Vapers?

teen vaping

San Francisco’s Proposition E passed by public vote last month. The finally tally was 68-32 percent in favor of a ban on flavored vape juices and menthol cigarettes in the city. New York has had a vaping ban since 2013, restricting the use of vapes anywhere cigarette smoking is restricted. …

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A Thorough Guide to Vaping CBD

KOI CBD on shelf

The growth of the cannabis industry and the impressive innovation of leading companies is fantastic news for consumers, who can now select from safer and higher quality products than ever before. In recent years, the interest in cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychotropic cannabinoid has helped introduce millions to the healing powers …

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Why are Vape Lounges Ghost Towns?

vape shop

I regularly make the drive out to a local vape shop instead of ordering juice and accessories online. I’ve written about my interest in supporting local, small business already, so I’ll spare the details. Something odd always strikes me whenever I frequent the shops in my area, however: They’re nearly …

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Don’t Offer Tobacco Flavored E-Juice

tobacco ejuice

According to recent financial trend data, vaping is set to make record numbers in industry financial growth by 2025. Vaping is the leading cigarette alternative/smoking cessation tool today, as well as a hobby enjoyed by tinkerers, artists, and competitors alike. For the last few years, studies into the efficacy of …

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Vaping: A Way to Quit Smoking or a Cultural Phenomenon?

I could be this guy about my vaping interest. I could spend countless hours investigating and researching the seemingly limitless amount of information available on the best mods (batteries), tanks, airflow settings, voltage/wattage settings, juice flavors, skins, and other components/variables ad infinitum. There’s also an entire lexicon around vape culture …

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The Advantages of CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles

You may be familiar with pot edibles, such as brownies and cookies, but did you know that a variety of CBD-infused edibles are also available nowadays? Unlike general cannabis edibles, CBD edibles won’t get you high, as they don’t contain any psychoactive THC, and users take them purely for medicinal …

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