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What to Stock up on Before the Vapepocalypse

The moment we’ve all been dreading finally arrived. The recently passed FDA regulations have been set in stone (barring a miracle from Congress), and we officially know when the Vapepocalypse (or Vapeageddon, whichever you want to call it) is set to take place: 2018. That’s when the new FDA deeming rule will …

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Top 5 Vape Shops in Toronto

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  Like any new trend, vaping has had to endure its share of battles in the gladiator pit known as public opinion, but in spite of everything, vaping might actually be the answer that health officials and governments have been looking for to help reduce the number of cancer-related deaths …

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Here’s Why the “Popcorn Lung” Stories Are a Load of Horseshit


I’m sure you’ve heard the stories from your grandma on Facebook about how you’re going to get Bronchiolitis obliterans aka “Popcorn Lung” and die a horrible death from vaping. The study that reached the conclusion that diacetyl was found in 75% of e-cigarette flavors was published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives …

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