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What to Stock up on Before the Vapepocalypse

The moment we’ve all been dreading finally arrived. The recently passed FDA regulations have been set in stone (barring a miracle from Congress), and we officially know when the Vapepocalypse (or Vapeageddon, whichever you want to call it) is set to take place: 2018. That’s when the new FDA deeming rule will …

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Controversial Opinion: If You Don’t Vape With a Mech Mod Then You’re a Pussy

alpha male

We all know that regulated box mods are all the rage these days. With their fancy schmancy temperature control, variable wattage, variable voltage, safety features, and LCD screens it’s obvious that they were destined to become the most popular type of vape out there. But you know what? If a …

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5 E-Juice Flavors for People on the Go

vaping on the go

If you have made the switch to e-cigs from smoking cigarettes, then you would know by now that e-juices come in a wide variety of flavors. The flavors you will find being sold to e-cig enthusiasts include fruity flavors, minty ones, and even dessert ones. The choices are virtually endless, …

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Top 5 Vape Shops in Toronto

canadian flag

  Like any new trend, vaping has had to endure its share of battles in the gladiator pit known as public opinion, but in spite of everything, vaping might actually be the answer that health officials and governments have been looking for to help reduce the number of cancer-related deaths …

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How to Use E-Cigarettes to Achieve Your “Quit Smoking” New Year’s Resolution in 2016

We know that most of our audience at this point are advanced vape nerds, but this article is not for you. It’s for the influx of newbies that tend to show up in the vaping community at the beginning of every year, aka the New Year’s resolutioners. I don’t want …

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How to Not Be an Entitled Shitbag of a Customer When Buying Vapes This Holiday Season

entitled vape customers

Don’t bitch at online vendors and ask for refunds/free shit when your package gets delayed by USPS I know that this seems like a crazy concept in this age of instant entitlement, but Christmas is NOT your special day, it’s actually a holiday that is celebrated by over a billion …

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6 Features of the Perfect E-Juice Bottle

You’ve spent hours—weeks—finding the perfect balance of flavors and ingredients. But crafting the perfect e-juice recipe is just half the battle. Choosing the right e-juice bottle and label is a vital step to ensuring your e-liquid stands out to consumers on vape store shelves. It’s all about finding the perfect …

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Here’s Why the “Popcorn Lung” Stories Are a Load of Horseshit


I’m sure you’ve heard the stories from your grandma on Facebook about how you’re going to get Bronchiolitis obliterans aka “Popcorn Lung” and die a horrible death from vaping. The study that reached the conclusion that diacetyl was found in 75% of e-cigarette flavors was published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives …

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Must-Read Opinion Piece: Representative Duncan Hunter Defends Vaping

Rep. Duncan Hunter has long been one of the biggest supporters of vaping rights in a Congress full of anti-vapers, as proven when he co-sponsored HR 2058, an important piece of pro-vaping legislation. Today he took it up a notch when he published an eloquent defense of vaping in The …

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Best Christmas Gifts for Vapers 2015


For the mechanical mod lover Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit We first reviewed the Lone Wulf back in January, and we still haven’t found a mech mod that even comes close. This one is constructed in America and the quality/attention to detail put into the manufacture of this mod is …

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A Roundup of Stoptober 2015

Stoptober is when smokers across the country (UK) kick the smoking habit for 28 days in October, whether that be from a using a nicotine patch or from using electronic cigarettes instead. Let’s have a look to see how effective Stoptober has proven to be in the past: 215000 Smokers …

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Is it Possible to be a Vaping Connoisseur (And Should You Try to be One)?

vaping connoisseur

Whisky, wine, coffee,  craft beer, cigars… That seems to me to be a pretty good list of stuff. And one of the things that they have in common, other than perhaps the fact that you wouldn’t give any of them to a five year old, is that it’s possible to …

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