MLV Phix Review: Finally An Affordable Pod Vape

Pod vapes are the current major market shareholders in the industry. For those looking to switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes, there are a wide variety of pod vape options available. On a cursory glance, pod systems may all seem the same. Subtle design differences and proprietary juice blends, though, are some of the nuances of each device to consider when purchasing a pod vape.

The Phix, by MLV, is a relatively new competitor in the pod vape market. Its sleek design and magnetic cartridge insert give this vape a luxury feel. The included juice pod, tobacco flavored, gives the full-bodied hit a recent smoker may be looking for to help quit. Let’s take a look at some of the finer points of the Phix pod vape.

Look and Feel


The first thing to notice, removing the Phix from its equally-sleek black packaging, is the size of the components. The heating unit’s diamond shape is unique against its rectangular competition, helping it stand out by looks alone. Its design is functional, too, though. Angles on the unit work like a grip aid as well, making it easier to pick up keep comfortably in my hand.

Ease of Use

The Phix is as simple as it is stylish. The pod slides comfortably into place within the heating unit. It clicks with a light magnetic pull to secure the contacts and holds tight enough not to slip back out, but a light pull easily removes the cartridge.

The heating unit clicks similarly into the charging cable, via magnet. A deep-set dock keeps the unit securely attached. Overall, the fit of each piece reinforces its elegance and luxury feel.


Like other pod vapes, the Phix is made of a composite alloy, giving a weight to it, a heftiness. The device itself is a little longer and bulkier than its competition, but not so much that its weight makes it feel especially heavy. If anything, the size and weight make me rest easier when setting it down on a hard surface or tossing it into a bag.

All the device’s pieces fit together smoothly. Magnetic clicks offer the most sense of durability and connection between each piece. The inset charging dock keeps the heating unit firm and secure, even when moving the cable or sliding it around on a desk.

The MLV Phix is an affordable pod vape that looks cool and provides a smooth draw. You can’t go wrong with this pod vape.

Taste and Effect


The vape only needs a light, continuous draw from the mouth to get a full hit. At 5% nicotine by volume in a 1.5 mL, each draw feels smooth and produces little vapor, and even less scent. Phix does not recommend aggressive suction, unless you want a mouth full of vape juice. I had no issue with finding a good draw strength and maintaining an even hit.


Taking a hit, however, was where I felt the potential drawback of the Phix. If you haven’t had a cigarette in a while, or you aren’t big on the flavor of tobacco, the Phix Starter Kit may not be your best purchase option. The Starter Kit comes with one pod, listed as their “Original Tobacco Flavor.” My first draw felt like a lung-full of cigarette smoke, at least by sense memory.

The tobacco taste is bold, full, and perhaps a little overwhelming unless that’s the flavor profile you want, specifically. If not, try one of the non-tobacco flavors available. Phix offers butterscotch, strawberry, and spearmint blends, among others. Pick up a mixed pack of Phix pods and give a few flavors a try to find what suits your taste. Once you know which of the pod flavors is best for you, then you can buy that one exclusively. It just takes a little bit of trial and error.

The Phix is definitely a worthy competitor to the more popular Juul pod vape. Read our comparison to find out which one is best for your needs.

Price and Availability

As with a lot of things, your decision may come down to cost and access. Despite its design and feel, the Phix Starter Kit retails on VaporDNA for only $34.99, or pick up the device itself (charging cable included) and a pack of 4 pods for $19.99 each. Starter Kit pricing is competitive with other devices available. According to Phix, their pods offer 400 puffs per, so 1600 puffs for twenty bucks is more than reasonable. MLV’s product site includes options to buy the device and pods direct, or click the link to their store locator, put your zip code in, and find a nearby vape shop (or gas station) that carries Phix products.

The best place to buy the MLV Phix is from

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