I was asked to try both the MyBlu and Juul devices and write a side by side review. Let me tell you straight up that I’ve always been a Blu fan. My first e-cigarette experience was a Blu, which I used on and off for a few years before getting into vape mods and refillable tanks.

As Blu has come out with new technology, I’ve been excited to try each one and the MyBlu is my favorite that they’ve made.


In a side-by-side comparison, Juul wins.

Hands down. And twice on Sunday. Now, let me tell you why.

Appearance and ease of use

MyBlu and Juul are very similar sizes, but the MyBlu is just a little bigger. Personally, this doesn’t make much difference to me, but it may matter a great deal to others. MyBlu has a very smooth hit, sometimes I don’t realize it actually worked right until I went to exhale. It’s a smooth hit with a variety of flavors – and they just sent me some more so the selection appears to be expanding.

Now the Juul, she hits just right. If you are looking for something that will make the transition smoother from traditional tobacco products to an e-cigarette and you want the feel and hit of a cigarette, then go for the Juul.

It’s a powerful, solid throat hit and the flavors live up to their name. In the starter pack you get Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Crème Brulee and Mango. All of which stand true to the described flavor, but after using it for a while, they kind of all blend together. But are still enjoyable.

The MyBlu starter pack comes with Gold Leaf tobacco.

Let’s talk hand feel. The Juul is flat, the MyBlu is more oval and rounded, but still small and discreet. Both can tuck away easily into a pocket or a purse.

juul and myblu side by side
Juul vs. Myblu: Which pod vape wins?

Charging and battery life

Now, charging. The MyBlu has a cord that plugs into the end and into a charger. The Juul has a built-in connection on the end and comes with a small USB connection. It magnetically connects at the end to the included piece and plugs into a USB port. Both are super easy to use. And, both charge super-fast.

Within about a half an hour both are fully charged and ready to go again. There wasn’t a consistent enough difference in the charging to be notable. With regular use, I find myself charging the Juul every day, sometimes putting it on the charger more than once a day to make sure its charged when I want to use it later. The MyBlu will hold a charge for at least a day, I’ve even gotten two days out of it before charging it again.


Both devices are designed to be used with prefilled nicotine vape juice cartridges that just slide into and click. They are also the mouthpiece, so you get a fresh new mouthpiece with every new cartridge. Both are prefilled and meant to be disposed of when empty, no muss, no fuss and best of all – no mess.


Now, price. The Juul starter kit sells for $49.99 and comes with four nicotine cartridges in different flavors, the MyBlu sells for $19.99 and comes with one cartridge. If you’ve read any of my reviews, then you know that I’m cheap. I want the most bang for my buck and I don’t want to spend a penny more than necessary. While the Juul sells for more, you also get more cartridges. Personally, I appreciate being able to try a flavor one at a time, before I buy only that flavor.

Juul cartridges are sold in packs of four for $15.99. Please keep in mind that these prices are through the manufacturer. I have seen difference prices for each item at different vape shops and other retailers. They used to be available through different online marketplaces, but as of 2019 you can only buy them directly from the manufacturer or in person (in vape shops, convenience stores, etc.) Juul cartridges come in eight flavors, including tobacco and fruit medley. I haven’t tried them all, but I have tried a majority and I’ve been very happy with each flavor I’ve used. They are available in two different nicotine strengths. Each cartridge is supposed to last as long as a pack of cigarettes, which makes them easier to keep track of for former smokers.

MyBlu comes in 16 flavors and sells for $8.99 for a regular two-pack or $9.99 for a two-pack of “intense” flavors. Again, the flavors I’ve tried have all been pretty awesome and I haven’t been disappointed or yucked out. They have a decent variety of nicotine levels, so there are tons of options for all types of vapers.

I have found that I go through Juul cartridges very quickly – as in a couple of days – while a MyBlu cartridge will last a week or more. They both utilize nicotine salts, which are more potent than normal vape juice. Fortunately, both brands have options for lower nicotine levels, so if you’re concerned about nicotine addiction then it’s definitely possible to taper down to juice that has less nicotine.

Juul vs myBlu: Bottom line

Now, why do I pick Juul over MyBlu? The dang thing is so handy and convenient. The hand feel is just right, the hit is just right and the overall use is just right. Don’t get me wrong, the MyBlu is an awesome little device, but when I use both, I cannot help but feel that it’s an imitation.

Sorry Blu, I really do love the brand and like I said, I’ve been a supporter for years, but side by side, I’m going to go for the Juul every time. The MyBlu has the right idea, it’s almost the right shape and feel, but it’s dead on with the Juul. Juul pressed all the buttons and checked all the boxes for me and MyBlu got ever-so-close but not quite.

Will I continue to use MyBlu and try out the Intense Flavors and other types of juice that they are coming out with?

You bet, I love Blu.

Will I make sure always have some in my personal stash?

Probably not.

Will I always make sure I’ve got some Juul cartridges?

That’s a big loud- Yes! The juice flavors in the Juul are just so much better.

Juul has been extremely popular since it came out on the market and with good reason. MyBlu holds its own but just didn’t measure up in my book. Between these two vaping devices, I’d have to go with the Juul. As always, it’s important to remember that these products are for adult smokers who are looking to quit smoking only. While the Juul has been undergoing criticism from the Food and Drug Administration for possibly marketing to youth, it is still a great product. Do your own research before you decide to buy either one of these products, as the long-term effects of vaping nicotine are still unknown. But we do know for a fact that smoking is devastating to your long-term health, and there is a lot of research indicating that vaping devices are significantly safer than smoking tobacco products.

Both brands are at least partially owned by tobacco companies, now that Juul sold a minority stake in its company to Big Tobacco company Altria. While some may think that it’s morally wrong to purchase products from tobacco companies, it’s important to realize that this is the first step towards eventually eliminating the appeal of cigarette smoking. If these companies can make a profit while selling something that is not nearly as devastating to the long-term health of so many people, then that’s a big win for public health.

The best place to buy the Juul is from Fuggin Vapor . The best place to buy the myBlu is from directly from Blu E-Cigs.

So which side are you on in the Juul vs myblu pod vape battle?

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