Pod Vape Battle: Juul vs. MyBlu

New to the world of vaping? Just wondering which vape pen is truly the winner of the JUUL vs Blu smackdown? Or maybe you’ve seen people using both JUUL and myblu and you’re not sure which is a better investment.

Perfect, because in this review I’m going to discuss both vape pens, provide the details about how they both look, work, and, feel, and give you everything you need to choose the best vape pen in the battle of JUUL vs Blu.

I was asked to try both the myblu and JUUL devices and write a side by side review. Let me tell you straight up that I’ve always been a Blu fan. My first e-cigarette experience was a myblu, which I used on and off for a few years before getting into vape mods and refillable tanks.

As Blu has come out with new technology, I’ve been excited to try each one and the myblu is my favorite that they’ve made.

In a side-by-side comparison myBlu comes out on top.

Hands down. And twice on Sunday. Now, let me tell you why.

Appearance, Experience, and Ease of Use

Myblu and JUUL are very similar sizes, but the myblu is just a little bigger. Personally, this doesn’t make much difference to me, but it may matter a great deal to others.

The myblu is about one-half inch longer than the JUUL, and a tiny bit wider. I actually prefer its rounded mouthpiece to the JUUL’s squared version.

Myblu feels reasonably substantial and high-quality in your hand, in large part because its pods are bigger. JUUL pods hold 0.7mL of e-juice compared to myblu Liquidpods that hold 1.5mL. The Blu battery is also bigger, so with its pod it weighs 50 percent more than the JUUL—but that’s only 7 grams more, so nothing that will bother you.

Let’s talk hand feel some more. The Juul is flat, the myblu is more oval and rounded, but still small and discreet. Both can tuck away easily into a pocket or a purse.

To directly compare how JUUL vs myblu feels to use, with cartridges attached, the Blu is about the same shape and size as a regular cigarette, while the JUUL is a little shorter and wider. The JUUL feels distinctly lighter in your hand. They are about equally portable, and pretty easy to hide.

To me, the JUUL is a more aesthetically pleasing device, although I have no explanation for that. I just like the way it looks a little more. Still—I can see that going either way, depending on taste, they both look good.

Myblu has a very smooth hit, sometimes I don’t realize it actually worked right until I went to exhale. It’s a smooth hit with a variety of flavors – and they just sent me some more so the selection appears to be expanding.

Now the JUUL, she hits just right. If you are looking for something that will make the transition smoother from traditional tobacco products to an e-cigarette and you want the feel and hit of a cigarette, then go for the JUUL.

It’s a powerful, solid throat hit and the flavors live up to their name. In the starter pack you get Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Crème Brulee and Mango. All of which stand true to the described flavor, but after using it for a while, they kind of all blend together. But are still enjoyable.

The MyBlu starter pack comes with Gold Leaf tobacco.

Both the JUUL and the myblu are so simple and easy to use that anyone could pick up either one and start vaping right away. This would be true even those with absolutely no experience, in my opinion. The whole idea behind these kinds of vape devices is to bring the vaping experience (not to mention the quitting smoking experience) into reach for more people without a lot of effort.

Neither the JUUL nor the myblu have any buttons or moving parts, so you just charge them, connect pods to them, and take a drag. It couldn’t be easier.

What about performance over time? That’s slightly complicated.

With myBlu, that depends on which e-juice liquid pods you’re talking about. The regular pods, especially those on the higher side of the nicotine percentage range, deliver tight draws and pretty authentic throat hits. These have freebase nicotine in them, as we’ll discuss in the Nicotine Delivery section below.

JUUL and Intense Blu pods offer a more comparable experience to each other, actually. Both are flavorful and smooth, delivering tight autodraws, and they’re not harsh.

The myblu may be slightly more consistent over time in terms of performance and vapor production. This is only because occasionally you need to tap the JUUL to eliminate air bubbles near the wick. So, the initial myblue pod hit remains the best, in my opinion.

The bottom line here: myblu wins by a hair.

juul and myblu side by side
JUUL vs. myblu: Which pod vape wins?

Charging and Battery Life

The Blu has more power, strictly speaking, at 10.5 watts compared to the JUUL’s 8 watts. Battery capacity is 350mAh and 200mAh, respectively, for myblu and JUUL.

Another difference is that myblu pods have lower resistance 1.3ohm coil pods than the 1.8 to 2.0ohm coil JUUL pods. This is probably because of the variety of ejuices they offer at different nicotine strengths.

Now, charging. The Blu has a cord that plugs into the end and into a charger. The JUUL has a built-in connection on the end and comes with a small USB connection. It magnetically connects at the end to the included piece and plugs into a USB port.

Now, this is my biggest complaint with the JUUL: it uses a proprietary charging port which means it is a pain in the ass to charge. I do hate that I have to carry my JUUL charger everywhere or I’m screwed. The myblu microUSB makes your life much easier.

Within about a half an hour both are fully charged and ready to go again. There wasn’t a consistent enough difference in the charging speed to be notable.

With regular use, I find myself charging the JUUL every day, sometimes putting it on the charger more than once a day to make sure its charged when I want to use it later. The Blu will hold a charge for at least a day, I’ve even gotten two days out of it before charging it again.

JUUL has less battery life than myblu, mostly due to battery size. Each JUUL gives you about 200 puffs before you need to recharge. (For me, a spare battery pack solves this issue, and as a regular user I want one anyway, no matte which one I’m using, but that’s just me.)

So, the Blu is superior for battery life, but only by about 30 percent, although it is probably about 50 percent bigger. Still, it’s better—not to mention easier to charge.

In this department, myblu wins.

Cartridges and Flavors

Both devices are designed to be used with prefilled nicotine vape juice cartridges that just slide into and click. They are also the mouthpiece, so you get a fresh new mouthpiece with every new cartridge. Both are pre-filled and meant to be disposed of when empty, no muss, no fuss and best of all – no mess.

As far as flavors go…well, that just got complicated. For now, it seems like most flavor pods will be banned. That said:

JUUL’s actual flavor selection is fairly limited (Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Mango, Creme, Cucumber, Classic Menthol, Classic Tobacco, and Fruit Medley), but the flavors it produces are absolutely the best. The other thing to remember is that other companies make pods that fit JUUL vapes, in many flavors. Some are better than others, but my point is that you’re not limited to theirs if you don’t want to be. Still, more would be better.

Now, myblu pods come in more flavors, and at differing nicotine levels. This is both a benefit and a problem, because it can be confusing, but overall it’s great. There are two overlapping nicotine strength ranges, both totally compatible with the Blu device.

The standard myblu pods range from 1 to 3.6 percent nicotine, depending on the flavor. The myblu Intense line are available in 2.5, 3.6 and 4 percent nicotine strength. Look for the Intense logo to be sure of what you’re getting.

The myblu flavor lineup includes: Blueberry, Blue Ice, Bourbon Caramel, Cafe Latte, Cherry Crush, Coconut Breeze, Eucalyptus Lemon, Ginseng Ginger, Green Apple, Mango Apricot, Menthol, Strawberry Mint, Tobacco, and Tobacco Creme.

I love Mango from both JUUL and Blu—but JUUL’s Mango is my favorite overall. It has the best taste, and most consistently awesome experience for me. If you’re a flavor pod junkie—and I totally get that—you might like myblu more.

If a choice in flavor pods is your thing, Blu is better than JUUL. In a head to head JUUL vs myblu battle between the same flavor in both brands, myblu wins.

Nicotine Delivery

Both JUUL and Blu (along with traditional cigarettes) contain nicotine. However, JUUL first exploded onto the market by mastering their delivery of nicotine salts.

Nicotine salts are why cigarettes are less harsh than, for example, pipe tobacco or cigars. These products contain freebase nicotine that cause users to cough, irritating and clinging to the upper respiratory tract.

Both JUUL and Blu mimic the cigarette experience by containing nicotine salts. By mixing nicotine and some form of acid in the right way, the liquids create these salts. In fact, although e-cigarettes provide a less harsh experience, they may deliver very high doses of nicotine.

JUUL makes its nicotine salts by mixing benzoic acid and freebase nicotine to create a chemical reaction instead of heat-drying tobacco leaves. The original myblu used freebase nicotine, but the myblu Intense flavor range uses a similar nicotine salt technique—this one mixing lactic acid and freebase nicotine.

The reason I bring this up in the context of a JUUL vs myblu war? Nicotine salts penetrate the lungs more deeply and absorb more quickly than the freebase version. This means that you get more nicotine from these e-cigarettes which feel more like the real thing.

On this point, I think JUUL wins—assuming more nicotine is your goal. If you are looking for less, myBlu might be your option.


Now, price. The JUUL starter kit sells for $49.99 and comes with four nicotine cartridges in different flavors, the myblu sells for $19.99 and comes with one cartridge. If you’ve read any of my reviews, then you know that I’m cheap. I want the most bang for my buck and I don’t want to spend a penny more than necessary. While the JUUL sells for more, you also get more cartridges. Personally, I appreciate being able to try a flavor one at a time, before I buy only that flavor.

JUUL cartridges are sold in packs of four for $15.99. Please keep in mind that these prices are through the manufacturer. I have seen difference prices for each item at different vape shops and other retailers. They used to be available through different online marketplaces, but as of 2019 you can only buy them directly from the manufacturer or in person (in vape shops, convenience stores, etc.)

Pre vape ban scare, JUUL cartridges came in eight flavors, including tobacco and fruit medley. I haven’t tried them all, but I have tried a majority and I’ve been very happy with each flavor I’ve used. They are available in two different nicotine strengths. Each cartridge is supposed to last as long as a pack of cigarettes, which makes them easier to keep track of for former smokers.

Myblu comes in 16 flavors and sells for $8.99 for a regular two-pack or $9.99 for a two-pack of “intense” flavors. Again, the flavors I’ve tried have all been pretty awesome and I haven’t been disappointed or yucked out. They have a decent variety of nicotine levels, so there are tons of options for all types of vapers.

I have found that I go through JUUL cartridges very quickly – as in a couple of days – while a myblu cartridge will last a week or more. They both utilize nicotine salts, which are more potent than normal vape juice. Fortunately, both brands have options for lower nicotine levels, so if you’re concerned about nicotine addiction then it’s definitely possible to taper down to juice that has less nicotine.

One last factor to consider here is the myCARE warranty that comes with—you guessed it—myblu. It’s a lifetime guarantee for all myBlu devices that replaces defective myblus. Now, this doesn’t mean you get a new one if you crush it, but it’s something.

JUUL vs myblu: Bottom Line

Now, why do I pick myblu over JUUL? The dang thing is so handy and convenient. The hand feel is just right, the hit is just right and the overall use is just right. Don’t get me wrong, JUUL is an awesome little device, but when I use both, I cannot help but feel that it’s an imitation.

Sorry JUUL, I really do love the brand and like I said, I’ve been a supporter for years, but side by side, I’m going to go for the myblu every time. The Juul has the right idea, it’s almost the right shape and feel, but it’s dead on with the myblu. Myblu pressed all the buttons and checked all the boxes for me and Juul got ever-so-close but not quite.

Will I continue to use Juul and try out the products that they are coming out with?

You bet, I love Juul.

Will I make sure always have some in my personal stash?

Probably not.

Will I always make sure I’ve got some myblu cartridges?

That’s a big loud- Yes! The juice flavors in the myblu are just so much better.

JUUL has been extremely popular since it came out on the market, but doesn’t compare to the Myblu . Between these two vaping devices, I’d have to go with the myblu.

As always, it’s important to remember that these products are for adult smokers who are looking to quit smoking only. While the JUUL has been undergoing criticism from the Food and Drug Administration for possibly marketing to youth, it is still a great product.

Do your own research before you decide to buy either one of these products, as the long-term effects of vaping nicotine are still unknown. But we do know for a fact that smoking is devastating to your long-term health, and there is a lot of research indicating that vaping devices are significantly safer than smoking tobacco products.

Both brands are at least partially owned by tobacco companies, now that JUUL sold a minority stake in its company to Big Tobacco company Altria. While some may think that it’s morally wrong to purchase products from tobacco companies, it’s important to realize that this is the first step towards eventually eliminating the appeal of cigarette smoking. If these companies can make a profit while selling something that is not nearly as devastating to the long-term health of so many people, then that’s a big win for public health.

The best place to buy the JUUL is from Vapor4Life. The best place to buy the myblu is  directly from Blu E-Cigs.

So which side are you on in the JUUL vs myblu pod vape battle?

Want to see how the JUUL compares to other competitors? Read our JUUL vs. Phix comparison and find out which one is best for you!

And remember, the true drawback of both the myBlu and JUUL is being stuck in a box. There is just a limited range of nicotine strengths and flavors—especially now. Neither choice offers you flexibility, so if you’re wanting more, look at an open system instead of pre-filled pods.

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