We often find people asking us the question, “what would be a better system to use; a refillable tank and mod system or a pod device that requires replacement cartridges?” There are some pros and cons to using each device, but we believe it is better to use a Mod system instead. Gather ‘round while we go over the details.

Pod systems like the Juul or the Phix are the most convenient way to get your vape on.
  • Mods have more power! – Mod systems are equipped with far more technology than pod systems, so they can offer higher wattage, better firing power, more temperature control; the list goes on and on. This means that Mods will give you more pull, more flavor, and larger vape clouds than a Pod could.
  • Better visuals, more grip! – Many Mods are becoming sensitive to the user, meaning that companies like Segelei and Smok are making comfort and design one of their main focuses for the new devices that they develop. Pods are usually more difficult to handle simply because they’re much thinner and smaller than Mods, which does make them easier to carry around in pockets or pouches, but at the same time makes it an easier device to drop or lose.
  • Mods are less expensive! – In the long run, vapers that use pod systems will spend way much more money purchasing replacement cartridges, which average about $15 for a typical pack of three 2mL pods, rather than how much they would spend on a bottle of e-juice to use in a Mod system. Pachamama e juice, for example, is an e-juice brand that costs an impressive $18 for a 60mL bottle and offers a wide variety of flavors, compared to paying almost the same amount for only 6mL and not having as many flavor options with a pod.
  • Mods can be reconstructed! – This feature is more for the advanced and seasoned vapers, but Mods have RDA’s, RTA’s, and RDTA’s that can be customized. Coils can be removed, added, and tanks can be switched out to suit the user and their individual preferences.
  • Pods are easier to use! – Pod systems are easier, however, to grab and go for a fast-paced day and they offer salt e-liquid for all of their replacement cartridges, which is easier than having to get a specific tank for your mod and making the modifications for salts.
Box mods are significantly more powerful, but also more complicated, than pod systems.

Mods and Pods go hand in hand, some vapers prefer to use pod systems while some prefer mods. These are simply the viewpoints we have as to why Mods are more efficient and easier to use. All in all, both systems are great ways to enjoy your vaping experience.

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