Pro-Trump Customer Cursed Out by Vape Shop “Douchebag” Films Video Defending the Store

  • Ian Ferguson was the victim of an anti-Trump tirade from an employee at an Xhale City in Tucker, GA last week
  • The employee was immediately fired once he was identified
  • After the video went viral, many customers decided to boycott the store and give it negative reviews online
  • Ferguson returned to the store to film a video with the employees, asking viewers to continue to support the store

The viral video depicting a vape shop employee having an absolute meltdown at the sight of a pro-Trump customer was one of the most entertaining and bizarre things we’ve ever covered here at Vapor Vanity.

While most of us enjoyed having a laugh at the asshole employee’s expense, apparently some people decided to blame the store rather than the individual who chose to flip out. This prompted Ian Furgeson – the customer who was subjected to last week’s tirade –  to return to the store to film another video. This one was different.

In the video, he asks viewers to back off and treat the store and its other employees right. He is with an individual who he identifies as “Mr. Corporate himelf”, presumably someone from Xhale City’s corporate headquarters. Furgeson says “Y’all swarmed all over Xhale vapes, and it wasn’t Xhale vapes that did it. It was that douchebag behind the counter. … I’ve been shopping here for forever … no problems. You can’t boycott this place; it’s not their fault. They didn’t do it. All these people have bills and family just like I do.”

He then sarcastically says that viewers should instead “find that guy” and “make his life hell”. The man from Xhale HQ shakes his head and says “no, don’t do that”.

It’s revealed that the store is giving him “free juice for his wife”.

Furgeson ends the video by saying “God bless America. Trump 2020.”

Vape employee trump tantrum
This screenshot from the viral video tells you everything you need to know about the employee’s mental state.

Out of the loop? Here’s what happened

Last week Furgeson was shopping at Xhale City in Tucker, GA while wearing a Trump t-shirt. That triggered an employee behind the counter to start screaming obscenities and even swing at Furgeson, who was merely trying to buy some e-juice for his wife.

The video quickly went viral, garnering millions of views across a variety of different platforms and triggering a heated debate in the comment section here on Vapor Vanity. You can read more about the original viral video and watch it here.

Once Xhale City properly identified the employee, they immediately fired him and reached out to Ferguson to apologize. In an official statement posted on their Facebook page, the company stated that they are committed to treating all customers with respect and dignity, regardless of their political views.

Xhale City seems like a great company and they handled this awful situation in the best way imaginable. Hopefully they don’t see any lasting decline in their business. They’re one of the good ones.

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