Why Those Psychos From PETA are Against the FDA E-Cig Regulations

cat with vapeIt seems like vapers have a new (unwanted) ally in the fight against the new FDA e-cig regulations: PETA.

Yep, those same weirdos who have nothing better to do than open up a store featuring leather products with fake blood and guts inside has decided to take a stand against the regulations that we all hate so much. Their main beef with the regulations is that vape products will most likely have to undergo animal testing during the FDA approval process.

“The CTP will expect manufacturers to conduct animal tests in support of marketing applications,” said Joseph Manuppello, senior research associate for PETA.

With all of the negative anti-vaping propaganda out there, the vaping industry definitely needs friends right now. I’m not sure that PETA is the type of friend we want, however. The last thing we need is even more of the negative hits to our reputation that that we’ll receive by being on the same side as these nutjobs.

The good news is that most people view PETA as a loose cannon and don’t take anything they do seriously, so it most likely won’t have much of an effect on the debate either way.



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