Puffco Pro Wax Vape Pen Review

Assembled Puffco Pro.
Assembled Puffco Pro.

While we focus primarily on e-juice vaporizers (aka e-cigs) here at VaporVanity, we occasionally review exceptional products of the “herbal blend” (aka weed) or wax variety. The Puffco Pro is an example of one of the latter.

Right out of the box it’s obvious that the Puffco is a well-constructed piece of vaping equipment. Most wax vapers have been fucked over when buying what they thought was a high-end vape pen that turned out to be nothing more than a mass-produced cheap rebranded Chinese knockoff.  You need not worry about that with this one. The Puffco Pro is clearly built from much sturdier, high-quality materials when compared to the cheap stuff.

This gorgeous vape pen is a sleek gunmetal gray that truly exudes an elegant, high-end feel. It comes out of the box broken down into three components: The battery, the charger, and the atomizer with mouthpiece attached.


Before you even start vaping, one thing is going to really stand out about this atomizer: It’s fucking huge. The ceramic atomizer can hold approximately .3g worth of wax, which is significantly larger than the capacity of most other pens. You’ll find a ceramic rod wick wrapped with titanium coil at the bottom.  Don’t be shy when filling it up. Some vapers will want to put a small amount of wax in their atomizer at first, but I’ve found that I actually received much better performance when filled to the brim. This atomizer is meant to be filled to capacity, or at least somewhat close to it.

Of course, with the extra large capacity comes a few minor drawbacks. If the wax is packed too tightly without any way for the air to reach the bottom, the performance definitely suffers. I had a small amount that got stuck under the coils, and it was a bit of a pain in the ass to clean out but it was manageable.

Puffco Pro contents: storage case, atomizer/mouthpiece, battery, charger, instruction manual, bonus sticker.
Puffco Pro contents: storage case, atomizer/mouthpiece, battery, charger, instruction manual, and bonus sticker.


This petite-sized battery is a little bit smaller than other wax pens, which of course is great if you’re looking for portability (and if you’re not, than why get a pen in the first place?).

The three heat settings are as follows:

Low – Green

Medium – Blue

High – Red

Cycling through the different settings is relatively straightforward. Just tap the power button 4 times and you’ll see the color change, indicating that you’ve changed the heat setting.

The battery charges using the included USB charger in approximately 3 hours, and the battery life is slightly above average compared to similar vapes that I’ve tried.

To turn it off, all you have to do is press the power button 5 times, which is going to piss you off when you lose count when attempting to adjust the heat setting and accidentally press it one too many times.


Regardless of heat setting, I tended to get about 75 puffs off of the device when fully packed, which was fairly impressive compared to other pens. The vapor production was smooth and comfortable on every heat setting, and the clouds were dense. I didn’t detect any trace of that awful burning taste that you sometimes get with cheaper pens, which is a definite plus in my book.

I didn’t experience any misfires or any other type of malfunction for that matter. I’ve heard that other people have experienced a lack of vapor on some draws when it’s packed to tightly, but that can be solved by making sure that you leave a hole for airflow down to the coils in the atomizer. If not, then sturdily tapping it on a table or other hard surface should be a quick fix.

If you’re looking for a somewhat affordable but high-quality wax vape pen, you can’t go wrong with the Puffco Pro. If you like to use a small amount of wax in your pen, this one might not be the best choice. But for everyone else: just buy it. You won’t regret it.

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