Read Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Response to Anti-Vaper Nancy Pelosi

Duncan_D._Hunter_official_photo_portrait_111th_CongressHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been one of the main leaders in the fight to take away your right to vape. While many representatives are taking the easy way out by supporting the anti-vaper “think of the children” position, a handful of elected officials are grabbing their balls and taking a principled stand in support of vaping. The guy with the biggest set of brass balls out of all of them? Representative Duncan Hunter, who previously published an opinion piece in support of vaping in The Hill.

Hunter is at it again, this time with a direct letter to Nancy Pelosi in which he shames her for her anti-vaping tendencies:

“Yes, I vape — as do millions of other Americans,” Hunter wrote in a letter to Pelosi. “And why do I vape? It is because it prevents me from smoking the real thing.”

Fuck yeah.

“E-cigarettes are a suitable alternative to cigarettes, and they could very well save my life, as well as the lives of so many Americans who are making their best effort to quit cigarettes.”

Mah nigga.

“Ironically, by not supporting the commercial availability of e-cigarettes, with all their advancements in recent years, you are giving your support — whether intended or not — to traditional cigarettes and other products.”


It should be exciting to see if Hunter can successfully lead a fight against the anti-vaping nutjobs and defeat the seemingly inevitable FDA regulations that will destroy our industry.

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