Rep. Duncan Hunter Vapes During a Congressional Hearing… Again

Rep. Duncan Hunter has made a name for himself as “America’s Vaping Congressman” due to his relentless support of vaping rights over the past couple years.

He was one of the few who would publicly support the right to vape even during the dark days of the previous administration when it seemed like his colleagues in the House and Senate were falling all over themselves to see who could ban vaping faster.

When other politicians would spread bullshit about vaping, Hunter hit back. Hard.

And on top of all of that, he seems like a genuinely good dude who is actually passionate about vaping. He’s even been spotted hanging out in a vape shop.

His most famous moment, and the one that gave him the title of “America’s Vaping Congressman”, was when he started chuckin’ clouds in the middle of a congressional hearing in 2016.

He recently decided to pull off a similar stunt a few days ago to protest the stupidity of an amendment offered by Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Holmes’ proposal would change the definition of smoking on an airplane to include “a device that delivers nicotine to a user of the device in the form of a vapor that is inhaled to simulate the experience of smoking.”

Hunter, realizing that his colleague wasn’t aware of the fact that this bill would allow vapers to puff away on 0mg e-juice, decided to illustrate his point.

“Let me show you the problem I have with Ms. Norton’s amendment,” he said.

Hunter whipped out an e-cig containing e-juice with nicotine. He took a puff on it. Then he pulled out another one containing 0mg juice and puffed on that one too.

“This is not covered … under Ms. Norton’s amendment. That doesn’t make sense to me. Either say that an e-cigarette is illegal, whether it has nicotine or not in it.”

He then pointed out that the Department of Transportation already bans e-cigs, and that this amendment was completely redundant and unnecessary.

The amendment ended up passing 30-29. So much for common sense.

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