Video: Rep. Duncan Hunter Blows a Vapor Cloud During a Congressional Hearing

Rep. Duncan Hunter just proved that he has the biggest balls in congress when he pulled out his vape and started puffing away during a congressional hearing.

Earlier today Hunter pulled out his vape in the middle of a congressional hearing and blew a glorious cloud before informing his colleagues about the benefits of e-cigarettes. Here’s what he said immediately after he became the first person in history to blow a cloud in congress.

“This is called a vaporizer. There’s no combustion. There’s no carcinogens. … Smoking has gone down as the use of vaporizers has gone up. There is no burning. There’s nothing noxious about this whatsoever. This has helped thousands of people quit smoking. It’s helped me quit smoking. And in the next decade or so, you’re gonna be able to inhale ibuprofen, you’re going to be able to inhale your Prozac, and anything else that you need drug-wise you’re going to be able to inhale. [After being interrupted] I’ll be happy to yield in just a moment. The way that this amendment’s written you won’t be able to have an asthma inhaler, you won’t be able to have a nebulizer, you won’t be able to inhale anything. [Holds up vape] This is the future. Smoking’s going away and the ability to take in nicotine or any other form of medication in the future will be in something like a vaporizer. For freedom’s sake, and for the sake of the people that are trying to quit smoking, and quit dipping, and still have nicotine, I would urge my friends here and colleagues to oppose this amendment.”

This is from the same guy who personally wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi which smacked down her anti-vaping opinions. He also wrote a widely read op-ed in support of vaping in The Hill. This guy is a true American badass who isn’t afraid to stand up to the powers-that-be who want nothing more than to see vaping regulated out of existence. He should change his name to Duncan D. Megaballs.

Rep. Hunter is by far the biggest ally of vaping in Congress today, and he has been extremely outspoken in his support of vaping. Be sure to email him and let him know that the vaping community appreciates having at least one ally in Congress.


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