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Sigelei Company Profile

Sigelei box

Sigelei is one of the most popular e-cigarette brands. Sigelei is a Chinese company. As with most Chinese brands, they promise great quality products at very competitive prices. They have a lineup that will surely suffice for vaping aficionados. You can go to them for mods, all-in-one devices, tanks, and …

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Dabtech Elite Pro E-Rig Review

Dabtech logo on Elite Pro rig

All real stoners know that if you want to take your weed consumption to the next level, you have to start dabbing. The DabTech Elite Pro is the flagship e-rig from this brand-new company. How does the Elite Pro compare to the competition? There are some great portable dab rigs on …

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VaporDNA Online Vape Shop Review

VaporDNA logo

What is VaporDNA? VaporDNA was founded in 2013. It is a premier online vape store that offers a wide selection of electronic cigarettes. They also offer e-liquids and accessories. One edge that they have over other competitors is that they have physical stores on top of their online presence. The …

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Augvape Company Profile

Augvape logo

I’m not going to lie, I actually did not know about Augvape until a close friend of mine recommended the brand and even gave me a kit. I have heard about it but I didn’t really bother trying it. What can I say? I’m the type of guy who likes …

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Smoko Starter Kit Review

Smoko e-cig with case

I have to admit, I am very picky with my vape products. I do love that my job allows me to try so many new ones, but once I get one that I really like, I use that little sucker until it’s dead. I’m a Juul lover and when it …

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Asvape Company Profile

Asvape logo on product

Asvape is a Chinese company that produces a wide range of vaping products. It’s a relatively young company compared to other vaping brands. However, they’ve recently partnered with VO Tech to present their new top of the line vaping devices and box mods. We’re definitely excited to see what this …

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Aspire Company Profile

Aspire logo

Aspire is a vape brand established in 2013. The company is based in China and is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products. The company also strives to provide attentive customer service. As part of their goal of providing their customers with quick and effective support, they founded service centers …

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Bantam Vape E-Juice Review

Bantam Vape E-liquid

Okay, I’ll admit upfront that I absolutely love strawberry. I love it in most combinations of flavors and mixtures. When Bantam sent me their strawberry line, I was pretty geeked. I mean first of all, how cool is it that they have a strawberry line to begin with! My experience …

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Kai’s Virgin Vapors Review

Kai's Virgin Vapor

Kai’s Virgin Vapor says that their vape juices are extracted from plants. Uhh… ok. When organic foods and cleaners first became the rage, I admit, I bought some. I thought I’d “go green” and be more pure and all that jazz. When I found was that the foods were either …

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VapeBox Review

vape box subscription box

Vape juice delivered to your house, matched to meet your tastes? I’ve gotta say, that definitely sounds too good to be true. I mean, I admit, I’m picky when it comes to my vape juice. Some are too strong, most are too weak and lots of them do not taste …

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Pod Vape Battle: Juul vs. MyBlu

juul and myblu side by side

I was asked to try both the MyBlu and Juul devices and write a side by side review. Let me tell you straight up that I’ve always been a Blu fan. My first e-cigarette experience was a Blu, which I used on and off for a few years before getting …

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Phix vs. Juul: A Comparison


Smokers looking to trade in their old tobacco cigarettes for a cleaner, healthier alternative have no shortage of options today. Vapes come in a number of styles, sizes, and complexities. Some mods have a refillable tank, a large battery pack, coils and other pieces to manage independently. The majority of …

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Black Note Review: This Juice Strikes a Chord

Black Note Review

Often times when smokers switch from cigarettes to vaping they look for a juice that tastes like cigarettes. They consider it exchanging one habit for another and it will be more like smoking if it tastes like a cigarette. Other people, myself included, like to get as far away from …

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PCKT One Review: This Vape Rocks


I absolutely love handy, dandy little devices. I love vape mods and toys that fit into the palm of your hand and pack a lot of bang for the buck. And that’s what you’re getting with the PCKT One. Overview It’s tiny, handy and works pretty dang good. The PCKT …

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Cigavette Review – A Variety of Choices

Hey, can I bum a Cigavette? Sounds a little funny, but it beats the heck out of bumming a nasty ole cigarette. Cigavette makes a variety of disposable electronic cigarettes, with a variety of flavors. They even offer electronic cigars. And if you or someone you know smokes cigars, you …

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Cirro by Everoll Review: Should You Buy?

Everoll Cirro

Cirro by Everoll. Where do I begin? Have you ever gotten a new device and really wanted to like it? But, no matter how many times you tried it, you just didn’t? That’s my experience with Cirro by Everoll. Cirro is a dry herb vaporizer. If you aren’t familiar with this technology, it’s a device …

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Glas BASIX E-Juice Review: Far From Basic

Glas Basix e-liquid

I have to tell you, Glas is on point. Glas sent me their BASIX series, called everyday essentials. The BASIX line includes Butterscotch Reserve, Strawberry Gummy, Blueberry Cake, Fizzy Lemonade, Sugar Cookie and Caribbean Punch. Don’t those flavors just make your mouth water? Packaging I’d like to talk to you …

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MyBlu E-Cig Review: A Great Starter Kit


*FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, GET FREE SHIPPING ON THE MYBLU STARTER KIT WHEN YOU CLICK THIS LINK* I was full of nostalgia when I received a package from Blu E-cigarettes. The very first electric cigarettes I ever saw or tried was Blu. It felt almost exactly like a stinky …

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